Cooking is one of my deep joys. The food I eat has changed over the years. I’ve gone off gluten, eat very little processed sugar, and have been eating “clean” for the most part. While that may sound like depravation to some, I see it as a creative challenge! Unwilling to give up flavor, I’ve come to love the taste of fresh natural foods, vibrant spices, healthy oils, and herbs galore.

Enjoy conventional recipes from my eat-everything days, vegetarian recipes from those seasons of my life, and a lot of really healthy, fun recipes that taste better than you’d believe, given how nutritious they really are!

If you’d like to reprint a recipe on your website, blog, social media, or newsletter, for non-commercial use, please feel free to do so as long as you include “©Ann Albers,” under the article. Share the love!

Incredible Red Lentil Dahl

Given to me by a friend years ago, this dahl recipe combines creamy red lentils and a mouthwatering blend of Indian spices. It has become one of my go-to comfort foods!

Spicy Honey Turmeric Vegetables

What does a girl do when she mixes up more honey and turmeric than she needs for a facial? (Yes, I do put this on my face! It softens the skin and leaves you feeling wonderful.) The answer - make a wonderful veggie side dish with a strange combination of ingredients that tastes amazing!

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