While You Sleep

Every night before sleep, I surrender to a pure and powerful loving energy, with the intention that you will receive the energy while you are sleeping. I pray that anyone who intends to do so receives the assistance they need.

No matter what time zone you are in, you can receive the energy by using the following simple steps:

  1. Before bedtime, make a clear intention to receive the energy
  2. If you have any desires intentions, imagine what it would feel like if they were already fulfilled
  3. Go to bed knowing that the Divine, the angels have heard your request and will connect you with the energy
  4. Repeat nightly, as long as you wish


“Thank you so much. My blood pressure is much better today. I feel much better!”

“Last night I went to bed and before falling asleep I felt this wave of energy and then went right to sleep and for the first time in days slept soundly thru the night without having to wake up and be sick. Whatever you did to help me I thank you big time because I feel a hundred percent better today and am even off to work in a few minutes!”

“My headache that I have had for two weeks off and on has lifted!”

“I want to thank you for helping me the other night. My mother told me you that were going to help me and I felt it! It was deep and powerful and shifted me…I was past mental and physical exhaustion and your help could not have come at a better time. I really appreciate it.”

” It is remarkable how much better I feel today!

“What have you done? I’ve had little to no pain for 8 days! It’s amazing the energy I have and how I can eat well again! I cannot believe the difference. I laid around exhausted and uninterested for months, not wanting to do a thing! But now it’s like I’m coming out of murky water into bright sunlight! Your gazing has to be the cause of my energy!”

God bless you for your gazing and healing. I went home and crashed and did not move all night… No pain. Thank you!!”

“My elbow is progressing so well it’s unbelievable, and I know it is your gaze and your tender loving care. I have had no pain at all in my elbow this morning until I went to Physical therapy. NONE! I knew it was your work. “

“I feel so much better today and it has to be because of your energy.”

“Wow, I went to bed Ann and whatever you did I have not slept so well I cannot remember when I have sleep like that. I woke up quite at peace and balanced. My headache and neck pain is gone.”

“I had an amazing night’s sleep last night and I feel so much better today.

“Tears of joy!!! God rocks!!! My wife called me earlier. She had gone over my daughter’s X-rays from this morning with her doctor and a miracle has happened! The upper lobe of her left lung is now over 50% open and the mucus that was holding it closed and occluded is almost completely gone! It was really serious and the worse it had been. I wanted to say thank you to you and shout up a praise! God rules!”

Please note: While we have seen wonderful things happen for people, energy work is not a substitute for any medical, psychological or other healing modality, treatment, or program you are already using. Read our disclaimer here.

Ann Albers Gaze

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.” – Albert Einstein

Disclaimer: I don’t control this energy or direct it. I don’t diagnose, treat, or cure any specific conditions. I cannot promise that the energy will cure or prevent any condition. The energy works of its own accord and all effects are unique to the receiver. If you are currently working with a medical or health care provider, please continue seeking their advice and/or therapies, treatments, etc. Gazing is not a substitute for medical or therapeutic advice, therapies, or treatments. It is a transmission of spiritual energy and the results are entirely between the receiver and whatever or whomever they consider to be the source of this love.

If this work helps you, donation are accepted with gratitude, but certainly not expected.

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