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Before I met any of the teachers who influenced me on in person, Lynn Andrews books began falling off the shelves in front of me. They  helped me remember alternate dimensions of reality and the world of shamanism. I never met Lynn but respect her deeply as a woman of wisdom, power, and truth.

Lynn began her quest as an art dealer looking for a marriage basket, and ended up meeting two Native American Healers who indoctrinated  her into the mysteries of the sacred feminine.  Her books, downloads, and classes will open you up to whole new worlds that lie within, and beyond the five senses.  You can check out her website here.

Jessica Osborn-Turner, Reiki Master, Glass Artist

I had a dream one night where a wise woman showed up and asked me if I’d “give up life as I knew it.” The next day I received an invitation to a conference for healers, therapists, and health care practitioners. I signed up, knowing in some strange way it would change my life.

At the conference Jessica Osborn-Turner opened up the world of energy to me. I took her workshop and shook like a leaf after my first Reiki treatment. When I went to her, quaking, trying to understand what was going on in my body, she gently put her hand on my arm. The shaking stopped immediately. “It’s ok,” she told me. “It’s just fear. Your entire life is about to change.”

Thus began a partnership in healing, and a training in mastery. Jessica taught me about energy, the mystical nature of reality, how to read the signs and symbols in life, and most importantly the ability to take complete and total responsibility for my life and creations. I will honor her love, wisdom, and guidance for the rest of my life. She is now a brilliant glass artist living in the northwest.

James Braddock, Shaman

The next teacher to appear was James Braddock – a quiet soul sitting at a booth across from Jessica’s at the Alternatives In Healing conference in 1993. When he started to drum, I knew he was the one who would teach me how to ‘dream’ in a sacred way. Long grey hair, piercingly clear eyes, and a spry nature… not to mention his incredible energy… He was everything I expected a shaman to be.

Late one day when the halls were empty, he went into an altered state and played the digeridoo around me. I slipped into the other worlds too and felt nvisible hands removing old, dense layers energy. He said it was the first time anyone had ever gone into the ‘dream’ with him. I felt washed clean.

James taught me the basic tenets of shamanic journeying and helped me understand my visionary initiations into the shamanic realms. He not only opened the doorway to other realms; he taught me how to open it for myself.  Soon after I was offered another opportunity to study shamanic journeying. The entire natural universe began to speak to me once again. I’ve written about these experiences in my book, Whispers of the Spirit.

In 1997 when he invited me to join a group he was taking on a mystical adventure to Peru. In this ancient land I had even more other-dimensional experiences, channeled for the first time, and came to understand the nature of reality even more deeply.  James is a spiritual grandfather – a soul whose infrequent presence was, nonetheless, deeply impactful.

Nancy Shilling, Channel, Astrology, Meditation Teacher

Nancy Shilling came into my life soon after I told God that if he wanted me to work with angels I needed a mentor! I attended her spiritual circles every week where I was exposed more deeply to the world of channeling. Although I already had channeled, Nancy helped deepen my abilities.

She is also responsible for pushing me out in public! I will never forget a discussion that changed my life. “I signed you up to work a Halloween party with me,” she said. I was terrified. “I’m not ready to do readings in public!” “Yes you are and you’re good. You’ll see. Besides you owe me!”  She later encouraged me to interview at a local metaphysical bookstore where I began working as an angel communicator.

I will be grateful to Nancy the rest of my life, for seeing something in me that I had not yet seen in myself. Nancy is a wonderful conscious channel, an avid astrologer, and a dynamic spiritual teacher. Call her at (602) 279-2941 to learn more about her work.

James Braddock, Shaman

Carol, Dave, and Jeff Shiller taught me about aromatherapy, hypnosis, and the mind body connection. Carol’s six month aromatherapy certification course was the first thing I ever committed to doing without knowing if I could accomplish the task. We were required to do thirty treatments a month on various conditions with specific combinations of essential oils. I didn’t know that many people, let alone with that many conditions, and yet spirit provided. I completed the course and became a go-to for friends in need of natural blends.

Carol and Jeff also introduced me to the therapeautic and healing benefits of massage. Carol helped deepen my perceptions of energy as she was learning hypnosis.  They instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for alternative healing.  You can enjoy their expert knowledge of  aromatherapy in one of their many wonderful books.

Brant Secunda, Shaman

I met Brant Secunda, at a conference where we were both presenting. Months prior, I read an article about him and his amazing journey into Huichol shamanism and was fascinated! As a young man he decided to follow in the footsteps of Carlos Castenada. He journeyed to South America to find a shaman and, to make a long story short, passed out in the scorching heat while hiking miles to a remote village. Villagers rescued him and eventually led him to his shaman teacher.  Years later, he still journeys to South America to perform the annual ceremonies. The rest of his time he teaches this heart-centered, Pre-Columbian tradition in classes and retreats.

In a hotel conference room, doing the Dance of the Deer, I experienced a powerful journey into the Oneness. Later at one of his retreats, I enjoyed more visionary experiences, beautiful wisdom, and a ceremony in a cave that had been used for that purpose for generations. You can learn more about his wisdom, work, and retreats at Dance of the Deer Foundation.

James Braddock, Shaman

When I started channeling angels at a local metaphysical bookstore I wasn’t prepared for the fact that a variety of other spirits wanted to speak through me!  Happily, when those who had passed on started talking, Cheryl Booth was there to help me understand, help me tune in more clearly, and convince me I wasn’t crazy!

Cheryl studied in the same psychic circles as famous medium, James Van Praagh, so I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.  We shared stories, laughed at human antics, and commiserated on our experiences with those on the other side!

Cheryl has also written a heartfelt, and moving book about her relationship with her special needs brother, who is now among the rest of her family and angels in heaven.

Zaysan, Tai Chi Instructor

When I needed help figuring out how to ground all the amazing energies running through my body, the universe brought me to Zeysan – a Shaolin Grandmaster, tai chi instructor, and private spiritual mentor to many well-known individuals. He got me hooked on tai chi, and drew me into many a spirited debate!  I’ve been told he was my brother in twelve past lives and jokingly call him my “evil twin!” We had amazing disagreements but we both know the nature of the universe and God is based on unconditional love.

Zaysan helped me lighten up, loosen up, toughen up a little, and wise up. He helped me learn psychic boundaries, and to take better care of myself… not in any sort of way I appreciated, but more often by pushing me until I insisted on self care! That was just his way…and it worked!

Summer Bacon, Trance Medium for Dr. James Martin Peebles

Summer Bacon is one of the most amazing trance mediums of our time. She leaves body and allows the spirit of Dr. James Martin Peebles to come in and speak through her. Dr. Peebles had been trying to get my attention for years, but until I met Summer I didn’t realize it. I had bought books about him and given them away without reading them twice. I met another man who channeled him, years prior who told me that anyone could channel him. I went home, meditated, had a chat with Dr. Peebles in spirit, and forgot about it.

Dr. James Martin PeeblesWhen I first met Summer, Dr. Peebles came booming through her and said things that touched my heart of hearts before Summer ever knew a thing about me. I still consider him my mentor and dear friend in spirit. I consider Summer a kindred spirit, a friend, and a beautiful example of a woman who lives, breathes, and walks her talk.

Summer’s website contains a glorious wealth of information, many of it free for downloading, and much more for very little. Visit her here… you’re going to love her and the Doc!

Braco, Gazer

There are some souls who teach by their presence and their example, rather than their words. Braco (pronounced “Brahtz-so”) is one such soul. He is not a teacher in any traditional sense. In fact he does not even speak to the public, not does he meet people one-on-one. He is a man from a Croatia with an extraordinary gift of channeling God’s pure love and healing energy through his simple gaze. In his presence at live events, and via his live streams online I have experienced miracles, insights, and much greater ease, grace, and flow in my life.

Even better I have come to understand myself more deeply as a unique expression of God’s love in the vast sea of creation. In a language of light that speaks to the heart beyond words, the energy that comes through him has awakened, inspired, and uplifted me. It has helped me remember how to access greater information and healing energy for others. I have learned so much in this gaze, while doing so little.

Hundreds of thousands worldwide have reported amazing miracles as well. He often gazes via the internet, with similarly beneficial effects, and lately the sessions have been provided for free. Visit the livestreaming website here for the next dates and times.

Last but certainly most important of all, I have my teachers in spirit.  Jesus, the Angels, and other wonderful beings are my constant mentors and companions. I love them dearly and am eternally grateful for all I learn and experience their presence. I can’t remember how I made it through life without knowing their love in such a personal way.

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