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Ann Albers & the Angels in Sedona, Arizona! Learn to live in partnership with your angels!

Ann’s Upcoming Events…

Free Healing Gazes

Experience the Power of Pure Love

I surrender to a Loving energy that seems to catalyze miraculous healing & transformation.  When people connect with me through intention or looking into the eyes while I am in this space, they have reported spontaneous healing, inner peace, relief from grief, and much more. Learn more.

“My back feels 100% better!!”
“I can feel blockages I have struggled with for some time being cleared.”
“I slept like a baby for the first time in months!”
“My mother was diagnosed with serious declined end-of life scenarios. She was told to get ready to die, basically. Well, the results of her recent tests were just released to her and they are so much better. After three gazing sessions, Mom’s health has improved amazingly, her heart, BP, kidneys, serious COPD changed to mild asthma.”
Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace - a Heavenly playshop with Ann & the Angels - learn to talk to your guardian angels
Oct 6, 2018 • 10:00am-4:00 pm
Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Rd. • Sedona, AZ

Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace – Create a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

An All Day Playshop with Ann & the Angels in Beautiful Sedona, AZ

Join Ann & the Angels as they guide you to manifest your hearts desires and then  a life beyond your wildest dreams! Through playful & interactive exercises you’ll learn:

  • How to discern your true desires
  • A Step by step, down to earth process for manifesting anything
  • How to tune into the quantum reality you wish to experience
  • How to align with the present moment to receive grace & guidance
  • How to surrender to Self to allow fur a life beyond your wildest dreams!

You’ll learn how to aim your thoughts, harness  your energy, bust through your blockages, and best of all, work with your angels and the universe to create absolute magic!!  Previous students paid off massive debt, manifested, love, homes, careers, and more!   Your miracles await! Learn more.

“This class is so incredibly illuminating, and makes it all so much fun! Who knew it could be FUN?”
“I have had such a huge breakthrough!”
Ann Albers speaking at the Afterlife Symposium
September 13-16, 2018
Doubletree Resort Scottsdale, AZ

Touching Heaven – Accessing Altered States of Reality Easily & Naturaly

The Afterlife Institute Symposium • Scottsdale, AZ

One of the largest afterlife conferences in the world, the Afterlife Institute Symposium features speakers and mediums who help you explore what lies beyond our earthly existence.

Join me for  a 45 minute lecture in which she’ll help you access states of awareness usually reserved for spiritual seekers, long-term meditators, or those who have died. I’ll help you “touch heaven” easily, naturally, and without any prior experience. I’m also a featured speaker at the Friday night banquet along with colleague Debbie Johnstone. You’ll also enjoy the heavenly music of Robin Miller! I’ll be doing a live gaze after both events.

If you can’t attend and you’d like to deepen your experience with the other dimensions, check out our online series, “Ann & the Angels,” especially Series 1 where you’ll learn to live in partnership with your angels, or  Series 7 where Ann & the Angels take you into deep mystical states of reality.

Award-winning New Age musician Robin Miller joins us with his heavenly channeled music.

Plenty of interactive exercises help you practice the skills you’re learning in a safe, loving setting.

The Sedona Creative Life Center is a gorgeous facility with incredible red rock views.

Can’t Join us Live? Not a problem…

Ann & the Angels Online - Learn to talk to your angels, manifest your dreams, live in the flow of grace, self love, love life, manifest abundance, and learn how to tap into mystical realities! Available as video on demand.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals connect with their angels and transform their lives. Now, in my online series, “Ann & the Angels” I’ll take you on a step-by-step journey, teaching you to live in partnership with your own heavenly helpers and create a heavenly life on earth!

Available as unlimited Video-On-Demand – Watch anytime, anywhere, with anyone you like!  Have angel viewing parties.  Bring your computer and watch with your spiritual groups. Create weekly screenings for fundraisers… and transform lives!

Each series is 12 weeks long and covers an entire topic in-depth.  Watch them all in order, or pick a series that speaks to your heart. Your angels are waiting!

Ann & the Angels Series 1 - Getting to Know Your Angels, Learning to Talk to Angels
Ann & the Angels Series 2 - Manifesting with the Angels
Ann & the Angels Series 3 - Learning to Live in the Flow of Divine Grace
Ann & the Angels Series 4 - Magical Self Love
Ann & the Angels Series 5 - A Romance of Life - Fall in Love with Life!
Ann & the Angels Series 6 - Abundance with the Angels
Ann & the Angels Series 7 - Diving Deeper - Exploring Mystical Realities and the Wonder of You!

Not into Internet classes?  We’ve got more options!

Ann Albers Angel Classes & Seminars on CD or MP3

I LOVE seeing you in person when you can attend our live classes, but we know that’s not always possible.  We also know some of you aren’t into internet programs, so we’ve made it easy to access some of Ann’s most popular classes and lectures via CD or MP3 download.

Bring us anywhere you go.  Listen and learn at your leisure!

All exercises have been adapted for home study and may be enjoyed with others or on your own!

Ann Albers Angel Classes & Seminars on CD or MP3
Ann Albers Angel Classes & Seminars on CD or MP3

If you have questions about what class is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Join Ann & the Angels on CD or MP3 download & Learn to live in partnership with your angels!
Join Ann & the Angels on CD or MP3 download & Learn to Love Yourself as Never Before!
Join Ann & the Angels on CD or MP3 download & Learn to Manifest in the Flow of Divine Grace. Manifesting like you’ve never heard it!
Join Ann & the Angels on CD or MP3 download & Deepen your connection to God, Self, and others... Ditch guilt, play in the oneness and more!
Create your heavenly life! Ann Albers Visions of Heaven - Free Messages from Ann & the Angels, Free Gazes, classes, home study... and so much more!