Clients often ask me if I watch television shows about mediumship and paranormal phenomena.  I do, occasionally, but far more often you can find me experiencing life hands-on, enjoying one of my many hobbies. There are so many wonderful things to learn, experience, and enjoy! I hope this list inspires you to pursue your own interests. Life truly is all about the journey!


READING was one of my first loves.  I got in trouble in fourth grade math class for reading books under my desk. Apparently, mysteries were more interesting than the multiplication tables I had already memorized!

Even though we live in a fast-paced, video and visual-oriented world, I believe books still have a place. They help us slow down, open us to new worlds, ideas, and possibilities.  I read fiction to understand points of view, non-fiction to learn more about the world, and how-to books to learn new skills.

I’ve loved WRITING since first grade.  In addition to my weekly Messages from Ann & the Angels, I’ve written several books. Whispers of the Spirit chronicles the baby steps on my spiritual path.

Ann Albers Whispers of the Spirit


Ann Albers Quilt

The CREATIVE ARTS fuel my soul. I taught myself to sew in my early twenties. Quilting taught me patience. Cross stitching taught me attention to detail. Knitting is a meditation, and getting lost in handmade paper, greeting cards, and collage is a study in endless possibility.

I love making natural lotions & potions too – body butters, scrubs, and more. On the rare Saturday morning when I have a little time, you might find me dragging something home from a yard sale or thrift store to repurpose & keep the creative fires burning!


The fact that I dabbled in CARPENTRY proves that absolutely anyone can learn anything.

I wanted built-in shelves in a closet but I couldn’t afford them unless I made them myself, so I invoked the spirit of my grandfather (who was a carpenter in real life) along with Jesus who, of course, is one of my favorite carpenters in heaven!

Then, as the saying goes,  I thought three times, measured twice, and… had the guys at Home Depot cut once!

The shelves turned out so well, I was inspired one night to convert an old thrift-store dresser into a kitchen island!

Ann Albers Carpenter


Ann Albers Gardening

GARDENING has been a passion since the teenage years. My family has a big, beautiful garden in the back yard that my father still lovingly tends.

I love putting the seeds or little plants in the soil and watching them grow. There’s nothing tastier than herbs plucked from the plant and tossed into my dinner, nor anything more lovely than fresh roses on the table. They don’t take much work thanks to the little fairies that seem to help.

These days I don’t have as much time, but the herbs still grow in pots on the patio and the roses blossom in abundance several times a year.


HIKING is where I lose myself in the beauty of Creation and become One with it.  No longer separate from anything I often slip into a reality where I merge with the infinite field of Divine love.

Sometimes I’m just plain human. I experience a childlike sense of wonder, awe, and delight at the magnificence and miracles all around. I love basking high up on a cliffside, walking amidst the red rock cliffs of Sedona, and feeling tiny in the warm embrace of their Presence. I love feeling the wind dance on my skin or the water massaging my feet and cleansing my soul as I walk in a stream.

Sometimes the hikes are leisurely, sometime strenuous. I’ve slid down mountain sides, scaled a few scary cliffs, and have been to all sorts of beautiful places with my trusty hiking boots and backpacks.

Nature is glorious. She sings to me in silence when I walk amidst her majesty and she teaches me everything I need to know about life.

Ann Albers Hiking


Ann Albers Photography

I’ve been fascinated with PHOTOGRAPHY since my teens. I had a tiny darkroom in the basement where I enjoyed watching photos come to life as if by magic.

Now with digital photography and its forgiving nature, I love capturing all things beautiful – great and small. Walking in the woods with my camera gives me new appreciation for the many miracles that abound.

Sometimes I think the angels are looking through my eyes, helping me appreciate and capture the miracle of life. You can check out my photos by clicking on the image, on my daily Facebook posts, or in my weekly newsletters and blogs.

For all those who have requested it for years, I promise at some point to create inspirational books with my pictures. Hang in there… I’ve got a few gazillion projects waiting in the wings!


I am one-quarter Polish and we joke that it is the dominant part of our family tree!  COOKING is therefore in my genetic makeup!  In my family, you demonstrate love by feeding everyone who walks through the door!  Even though my diet and food preferences have  dramatically changed over the years, the nature to nurture still exists. I love to cook.

Being in the kitchen chopping fresh veggies, mixing spices, or kneading dough with my bare hands is a beautiful, sensual celebration of being alive in a human body.  Vivid colors, sounds of crunching, sizzling and fizzing…  amazing flavors, textures, and smells… What more could I ask for? It’s a rich life in the kitchen!

I read cookbooks for inspiration but make up the majority of my own recipes.  Check out my food Blog – Ann’s Angel Food.

Ann Albers Cooking


Ann Albers Aromatherapy

Years ago, I took a six-month long AROMATEHRAPY certification class. It was the first time I signed up for something that I wasn’t sure I could accomplish.  We were required to do 30 treatments on different people each month. I didn’t have that many friends at the time, nor did I know how I’d find the specific cases.

The experience challenged and changed me. I was no longer afraid to learn anything and it was a fantastic education on the amazing powers of essential oils. To this day I’d rather use nature’s medicine than something artificial if possible. The energies of the plants deeply resonate with my own.


WATERCOLOR  & MARKER ART are a few of the next things on my list. There’s my first attempt in the photo! I have a long way to go, before I can even pretend I’m good at it, but there is such joy in splashing colors around!  Thanks to youtube and plenty of inspiration on Pinterest, perhaps I can learn.

WHAT’s NEXT? I never know… I’ll keep you posted.

I hope this inspires you to pursue some of your own interests.

May your life be a work of art!
With Joy!

Ann Albers watercolor

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