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Angel Playroom

There are so many free readings online! I’ve chosen a few that I like and have been generally positive, growth oriented, and at least for me, relevant. The universe can work through anything or anyone to give us messages if our intent and theirs is sincere.

To use these in the best way, say a little prayer, asking God, the angels, and spirits of light, love, truth, and inspiration to use these tools to guide you. Like anything else, trust yourself above all else. If something resonates with you, use it as guidance. If not, release it! You are the ultimate authority on your life! Be playful, explore, and enjoy!

Another fun way to learn is search my site for a topic you are interested in – self love, dealing with difficult people, healing, etc., and randomly pick a blog article to read on the subject.

Please note: Some of these sites on this page offer paid readings. Since I am not able to screen each site personally, nor can I take responsibility for your experience there, please use your discernment, ask about their policies, and check in with yourself to see it feels useful.  Please read our disclaimer here.

Free Tarot & Numerology Readings from Lotus Tarot

Free Readings from Lotus TarotLotusTarot offers some of the best and most varied free, and accurate, tarot & numerology readings that I have encountered on the web. They have a fun newsletter with seasonal readings, and offer paid readings as well.

Free Inner Links Angel Card Reading

Inner Links Angel Card Readings

Innerlinks Angel Cards have been around for years, and although simple, they offer powerfully accurate messages to guide your growth. You have to sign in to pick a card. They also offer a sweet “angel of the month” newsletter.

Free Personal Affirmations by Orin & Daben

Free Spiritual Affirmations by Orin and Daben Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer are two of my favorite authors. Their guides, Orin and Daben, channel remarkable wisdom in their many books. Now you can go to the Orin and Daben website for free daily affirmations. You can also download meditations, and join in group prayers and meditations.

Pick an Affirmation Card from Vital Affirmations

Pick a free affirmation card from Vital Affirmations This is a lovely page where you can pick an affirmation card or two each day from a deck of positive affirmations. Be prepared to listen to your inner voice when you pick one. Be alert for affirmations that you have a strong reaction to. They always seem to be on target for me!

Free Enchanted Tarot, Astrology, & More

Free Enchanted Tarot, Astrology Readings, and More! I love the Enchanted Tarot deck. It is not only useful but incredibly artistic. The pictures are lovely fabric collages and the interpretations are fairly positive. You can go to this site for fun free readings with this deck, or for daily affirmations, only astrology, or online alchemy cards., While you are there, check out the other wonderful works of artistry and spirit by creators Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

Relationship Oracle Cards

Relationship cards According to the site,” this deck offers advice on matters of the heart. The cards can give you help and practical insights on what helps keep a relationship healthy, how to work with problems, and how to have lasting love and happiness.”

Free Tarot, Astrology, I-Ching, & More

Tarot, astrology, numerology, and more... offers free and paid readings. I have only played with the free ones. They’re fun! Free tarot, horoscopes, numerology, I-ching, Feng Shui, Mobile Apps, orb articles, other fun and games, moon phase, and more! You’ll have fun exploring this site.

Free Daily Astrology, Numerology, etc.

Free horoscopes, numerology, Chinese astrology, and more offers a variety of free horoscopes including daily, Chinese, Vedic, Mayan, and more. They even have a daily dog or cat horoscope if you need a laugh. Additionally they offer free numerology, tarot, Feng Shui, quizzes, twitterscopes, articles on better living, dreams, learning astrology, mind and body, work and money, and so much more. Playful and educational.

Free Feng Shui Tips, Indian Astrology & Much More!

Kamal Kapoor Kamal Kapoor offers free Feng Shui tips, free horoscopes and horoscope charts, Indian astrology, Chinese Astrology, “Ask Ganesh,” Indian and other astrology wallpapers, Interpretations of Vedic Mantras, Baby Names and Meaning, articles, and so much more! You could spend hours on this site learning and exploring!

Free Mayan Glyph of the Day

Free Mayan Glyph of the day Starroot.comoffers the free Mayan Glyph of the day or you can use their calculator to figure out they Maya symbol for any day. The Mayan symbols are based on cycles of time and energy patterns that are very much like astrology in their own way. Enjoy!

Kabbalah Insights

Kabbalah Insights Kabbalah Insights offers a free online Kabalistic Oracle and Success Oracle. You have to create a free account, but after that you have access any time you like.

Free Rune Readings

Free Rune Readings Free Rune Readings are both insightful and fun. Pick between several optional spreads, pick your runes, then read the report. Also included on this lovely site are numerology, biorhythms, i-ching, astrology, tarot, and more! You can learn more about the Runes in their online “Book of Runes,” and even install a free Rune of the day widget on your own website!

Free Angel Card Reading

Free Angel Card Reading Angel Wings Card Readings offers a sweet free one card reading any time you wish! These are simple but insightful cards. Enjoy!


Astroica, Free astrology and more Astroica offers Chinese, Vedic, Indian, and Western astrology, numerology and more! Free and more in-depth readings are available.

Free Guide to Reading Tarot

Free online guide to reading tarot Enjoy a free online “Beginners Guide to Tarot” and learn to read tarot for yourself. Learn about different decks, the meaning of the cards, various spreads, and how to interpret them. You’ll be guided to create sacred space, learn various memorization techniques, how to ask the right questions and much more. For a “beginners” guide, this is very comprehensive!

Free Tarot Readings
Free Tarot Readings & Numerology at
Free Mayan Calendar

Use the Mayan Dreamspell Calculator at the top right to figure out your birthday’s ‘signature’ then click on it in the table to get your reading. Its fun! Enjoy these pages, but also use discernment about the paid readings.

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Life is lived most fully when you have the wisdom of an elder and the innocence of a child.
 Ann Albers

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Disclaimer:  The information and links shared on these pages are for entertainment purposes only.  None of these links are offered in any attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific conditions or life circumstances.  Ann does not control the content of sites linked to, and therefore cannot be considered responsible for it.  Please use these sites at your own discretion, and use discernment before purchasing any online readings. Ann  shares her experience and opinions, when applicable, but your choices as a result are your sole responsibility.

Ann is an affiliate for the site and does earn a small fee for readings purchased on that site.  She is not an affiliate of any of the other sites offered on this page.

Please beware:  A common “psychic scam” is to have a person you do not know contact you to offer you a free or inexpensive “personal” reading, often based on your birthdate.  When you see the reading some elements are accurate, however this is typically based on generic astrology. The way you can spot a scam is that they will tell you that you either have extreme “good fortune,” “money,” or something terrible coming and they will ask you to pay more to learn how to “ensure the good fortune” or “avoid the bad. ” Buyer beware in these cases.

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