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Welcome to Visions of Heaven!

Enjoy a little breather, away from all the chaos in the world. I’ll introduce myself, share free Mini Meditations, meditations in Nature, conversations on topics you can use, and tell you about my wildly popular “Ann & the Angels” show. Enjoy some heavenly energy and visit anytime you need a little peace or power. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for more!

Welcome to Visions of Heaven

Mini-Meditations & More

Mini Meditation – Peace & Power Up
Mini Meditation – Calming Anxiety
Mini Meditation – Invite Your Fears to Tea!
Mother Earth and You – Talk, Breathing Exercise, Gaze

Conversations & More

Conversations in the Creek – Letting Go of Control
Energy Report, Grounding, Volcano Meditation, & A Gaze

Meditations in Nature

Breathe deeply, be present, and simply observe as you enjoy Mother Nature’s loving energy.

Blissful Bee – Feel the Abundance
Butterfly Dance – Feel the Innocence
Spring Runoff – Feel the Joy
Nugget Falls – Feel the Power
Rain Meditation – Feel the Calm
Bunny Love – Feel the Presence

All music ©Robin Miller,, used with permission, except for “Spring Runoff Video” – where music is ©Niko,, used with permission.


Enjoy a online interviews! More are available on my audio page.

How to Get & Keep in Touch with Your Loved Ones & Angels
Listening to our Animals & Angels

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In just a half an hour a week & a few minutes a day I’ll teach you how to transform your life by opening up to receive miraculous angelic assistance!  Watch anytime, anywhere, with anyone.  Learn at your pace, and review anytime.  It’s easy!  It’s fun!  Best of all, it’s available right now!

Ann & the Angels Trailer
“I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and heavenly self. I have had more spiritual, psychological and emotional growth in these past few months than I had in all my years of going to Church and therapy – could’ve saved me a lot of money had I met you sooner! Better late then never!”
“In 2014 I attempted to take my life. That is all behind me now, in big part to a wonderful therapist and the “Ann and the Angels” video series where I learned to embrace self love, forgiveness, surrender, and much more to become the loving and energetic soul that I am today. You have helped me more than you will ever know.”
“Ann, your mentorship through these classes has led to a vast improvement in my quality of life. Thank you ever so much for this gift!”
“I LOVE these classes! You give us the best training for living!

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Join us in beautiful Sedona with Ann & the Angels for Manifesting in the Flow of Grace where you'll learn to create the life you love and surrender to a life beyond your wildest dreams!
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