Double Duty Ginger Beverages – Ginger Honey Lemon Tea & Coconut Milk Chai

I’m working on the next series of “Ann & the Angels” today… which means I must sneak in the kitchen too. I found some ginger in the freezer, which led to two yummy beverages.. both of which are great for digestion, warming you up, and just feeling alive!

Ginger is an easy thing to freeze. Buy it on sale when you can – I got a ton at the 99cent superstore last year when it was $1 for a bagfull. Use a metal spoon to scrape the peel off and chop into 1/2 slices. Freeze in a ziplock bag. When you go to use it, remove what you need and thaw lightly or zap in the microwave 20-30 seconds and it minces SO easily when partially frozen like this. Here are the drinks:

Ginger/Hone/Lemon Tea with a Kick:

12 cups water
6 T chopped ginger
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 T honey
pinch of cayenne pepper

Bring to a boil for a few minutes, reduce to a simmer. Strain into jars, but keep the soggy sweet chopped ginger for the next recipe.

Coconut Milk Chai

(I have all these spices on hand, but if not Sprouts or your local health grocer oftne has them in bulk and you purchase get small quantities).

4 cups coconut milk
leftover ginger from the last recipe
3 star anise or if not that 1/2 t regular anise
1 T or 2 sticks cinnamon
2 cloves
3 peppercorns
5 allspice berries
3 cardamom pods
1 T honey

Bring all to a boil in a pot for a few minutes, then simmer 20 minutes. Strain and enjoy either by itself or with coffee!

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