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Love is the River


If you’ve ever wondered how to create a life you love… when you don’t even know where to start, how to live in alignment with your Highest self, and in harmony with creation, this is the book for you.

Guided by spiritual instructor and angel communicator, Ann Albers, you will learn to navigate the currents of Divine grace in your own life so at long last you can release struggle, enlist Heaven’s help, and surrender to the greatest love you have ever known.

“I recommend this book to everyone I talk to. I am reading it for the second time, after having just finished it yesterday. So much wisdom to digest! This book is a must-have in everyone’s personal library, from the Christian Mystic to the Fundamentalist.” – Melinda, “The Attorney Mom”

Whispers of the Spirit


Ann Albers graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in electrical engineering, got a job in the avionics industry, & was well on her way to ‘having it all.’  God had other plans.

Disenchanted with a life that was supposed to make her happy, Ann prayed for her calling. Join her on an amazing journey of awakening in which you will learn how to tune into the Whispers of the Spirit in your own life. Discover how dreams, symbols, intuition, angels, etc. guided Ann to leave the life she knew and step into an unimaginable existence

If you are searching, seeking deeper meaning and purpose, or greater joy, Ann’s journey will show you how you too can learn to tune into the many voices of spirit in your own life.

“Ann Albers is an artist of emotions and spirit, & her canvas is her enthralling book. You will feel the stirring of deep memories & even experience healing, as you share Ann’s spiritual journey in the pages of this book.” – Doreen Virtue, Internationally Acclaimed Author & Angel Communicator

Bridging the Gap


If you’re a Christian seeking an expanded understanding of your beliefs, or if you’re metaphysical and wonder how Jesus Christ fits in your current understanding of life, this book will help you ‘bridge the gap’ between these two seemingly different ideologies.

Based on a lecture given by spiritual instructor, Ann Albers, this book will heal your heart, allow you to find a deep and loving connection with Jesus Christ regardless of spiritual persuasion, and give you perspectives to help you connect with those of different faiths. This is a loving and heartfelt discussion about the mystical side of Christianity.

“I read Bridging the Gap and I am at a loss for words. I have been searching for your book my entire life. I plan to read it several more times. I know we have lessons along our path, but how I wish I had that book when I was younger. It really is the best book I’ve ever read.” – S.H.
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Visit Ann Albers Heavenly Store!
Visit Ann Albers Heavenly Store!
Visit Ann Albers Heavenly Store!
Visit Ann Albers Heavenly Store!

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