“When the gates between heaven and earth opened up, my soul flew through you into the arms of a waiting world.”
You shaped my world. You guided me, challenged me, and educated me. You gave me permission to dream and to become all who I would be. When my life fell apart and came back together in the most miraculous way you decided it was more loving to support me than judge… and for that I am eternally grateful.

MY DAD, Dave, is a brilliant physicist and researcher. He grew up in West Chicago, IL in a house my grandpa built from the ground up. We love the family stories of his pet crow, the time he tried drying gunpowder in the oven, and various other Tom Sawyer-like adventures that transpired when he was young!

The journey took him to the University of Notre Dame, to Antartica on ROTC duty, and to a very satisfying  career as a Condensed Matter Physicist. He retired from the Navy Reserves and currently teaches at at George Washington University. He still travels the world lecturing and learning about a variety of topics including nano-technology and cold fusion.

MY MOM, Carol, grew up in Harvey, IL. Although she was an only child her mom had nine brothers and sisters and they spent a lot of time on her grandma’s farm where, during the Prohibition, moonshiners held my great-grandparents at gunpoint and made them rent a portion of their land to install a whiskey still! Karma happened quicky. The still blew up and the chickens got drunk according to the family story.

The great big Polish family enjoyed good food and good friends at every occasion. Mom graduated from St. Mary’s College and has done a variety of work in the medical fields, accounting, and business administration, not to mention the monumental task of raising my brother and I. She now enjoys volunteer work and is passionately in love with her role of being a fun, nurturing, and loving, Grandma.

My baby brother, arch-childhood-rival, partner in play, co-architect of forts and igloos, is now a very responsible and caring husband and father… My how we’ve grown!

MY BROTHER, Paul and wonderful SISTER-IN-LAW, Sharon, are active in their church and have a busy family and social life. In addition to working. Paul runs marathons and loves to grill.

Sharon is a fantastic mom to their two adorable girls, with a zeal for healthy living. In addition to juggling all they do, they  keep us wonderfully entertained with stories of my sweet nieces, who might just be doubles of the magical sisters in the Disney movie, Frozen.

Summer visits, endless meals, belly rolling laughter, making impromptu toys, digging through treasure troves of basements and cupboards, and the sound of the trains in the distance… I have such beautiful memories of precious time spent with my beloved grandparents.

I love these photos. I was privileged to know, and spend considerable time, with both sets of grandparents when I was a child. Even though they’re in heaven we still keep in touch!

From left to right, Mary & Joseph, followed by Edgar & Loretta. I love you!

Whether I’ve met your or not, we’re all brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, sons, or daughters of each other – part of one big human family!

I’d love it if you’d like to be part of my family of earth angels – an ever-expanding group of beautiful souls dedicated to experiencing, embodying, & expressing Divine Love. Just sign up for our free weekly Messages from Ann & the Angels below.  You’ll learn, grow, and glow even more brightly!

With love,
Ann & the Angels

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