Eternal Seasons

Spring brings pale pastels,
and freshly vibrant hues
of budding green.

Summer sports brilliant blues,
purples, pinks,
and skies
That paint bright blue
between the leaves.

While autumn’s blossoms reach
with passionate fiery zeal
as if to say, I’m here!
Not shy! I will reveal…
the last warm rays of sun
within my soul…
As they stretch
for the last warm rays of sun
up in the sky,
They burn
with fiery glow.

So too we change
and grow,
in the seasons of our lives.

Sometimes birthing self
A baby,
soft like spring.

Sometimes vibrant, colorful
Summer’s child
Rich with possibility.

Sometimes passionate to share
all that we’ve learned,
burning brightly
with Autumn’s wisdom
sharing all we’ve earned.

And sometimes in winter
dying to all we’ve ever been…
just so we can birth ourselves
In the springtime of our lives
… and start again.

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