Perfection in the Sunset’s Now

Sun’s Spotlight beacon sweeps the landscape
Kissing trees and crags of chiseled stone,
Rising up as if heaven calls it home.

It wanders…
Caressing one last time the mountains distant
Pulling slowly back up to sky
As purply mauves glow for just one instant,
Giving way to shining silvery blues…
Bird sing
I bid another day goodbye.

I sit in silence
giving praise for moments such as these
when there is no strife, no stress, no you, no I
Just Being….

Temporarily I step out of the temple of shoulds.
Temporarily I don’t care what I’d do if I could.
Temporarily I sit in the painted perfect now
of red rock’s glow..
Post sunset…
Pre dark night…
A few stars twinkle,
ancient, pulsing light…

Somehow here and now,
Everything is always
and has always been…
Lit by love’s light.

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