Celebrate! You are growing! There is fantastically powerful energy on the earth right now. Tap in, tune in, and focus on that which you love. Better yet strive to focus on love no matter what the situation you find yourself in.

Think of the most difficult person in your life. What can you love about them? Maybe you can love the fact that they have taught you to embrace greater boundaries, or learn new levels of discernment. Maybe they have inadvertently taught you to listen to yourself more kindly rather than blindly listening to others, or to trust yourself and your own feelings rather than blindly trusting others. Maybe they have caused you to reach deep inside and find new levels of patience, tolerance, and compassion – whether for them or for yourself. No matter how “awful” you feel this person is, you can find something to love there if you truly try. You can, if you choose, imagine the spark of Divine light within them, no matter how small and hidden, and acknowledge that they come from the very same source that you do.

If you are in a situation you don’t like, ask yourself, how can I love it… if not like it? Suppose you are having trouble paying the bills. You can thank God for giving you an opportunity to increase your faith in miracles and the goodness of others. Suppose you have a health challenge. You can thank God for the miraculous healing in progress and your willingness to grow beyond the root causes. Suppose you want a new job but have no clue how to find one. You can thank God for putting desire in your for more and give praise in advance for the new job that is coming. In all cases, you can bring more love to the surface. In doing so, you transform, not only your heart but your life.

Dear ones we love you! We see love everywhere we look. We see the tough situations as temporary, the difficult souls as those who simply forgot. We know that in all cases, in all being, and in all things, there is love trying to surface. This is why we live in love! You can too. All it takes is practice.

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