I will release to you only my sweetness
And share with you only my joy
I will build with you a house of dreams
Where I grow patiently by the front door.

For the moment when you cut me down,
To enjoy me for a few days in the scheme of eternity.

I will stand proudly, releasing my perfume.
Grateful for the water you have poured for my thirsty stems.
I’ll give you every last breath
Every soft tender, touch
Every moment of delicate grace
…until I wilt.
and you release me back into the soil!

I do not forget
the majesty
of my being!

As I return to the roots of another like me,
I know there is no other
just like me!

I have lived
I have loved
I had purpose
I had grace
I existed…

and I exist always,

Changing form
but forever,
knowing myself,
as Love.

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