Love because it feels good

I post inspirational messages on Facebook every day. Like my newsletters, I often queue them up in advance when I know I’m going to be busy. It always fascinates me to get to the day in question and discover that what I have “randomly” written speaks clearly to my heart and the issues of the day!

On the first Monday of the new year, the message I had queued up in advance was simple – Happy First Monday of 2015! Instead of groaning and saying, “Oh, back to work,” try this out: “Oh! Another day to live and love and laugh and create and enjoy dancing through life.”

It struck me, when I read what I’d written, that every day is another day to live and love. It is a privilege to wake up and breathe! I decided this year that I would make every act an act of love, and when I started rushing around, I promised myself I would slow down and focus on putting love into what I was doing once again.. no matter what.

So here I am today, with an entire series of Ann & the Angels, plus 12 new outfits to create, the need to create several newsletters, new Facebook posts, and work full time, among other things I must do to remain in balance, maintain a home, deal with unkind people, etc. Instead of feeling rushed, stressed, and thinking too much about how I am going to get it all done, I started to just surrender to love.

I really do love connecting with the angels and all of you. I love the shows I’m creating and what they are doing for people. I am not a fan of the logistics involved so I’ll just find creative ways to love the grunt work too! When I clean my home I think of it as loving my home. I fill it with positive energy and it loves me right back. When I randomly think of people who have been cruel and upsetting to me, I stop and realize that, even in their cruelty, they were coming from their pain. I say a prayer and send them love. Every time I start to worry about how on earth I’m going to get it all done and still find time to sleep, I’m making myself stop, and focus on love again.

By choosing love, over and over, I feel God’s love flowing through me, more strongly than ever before. I’ve felt nothing but bliss even when there was ill intent aimed my way. I’ve been able to breathe deeply, sink deeply into the moment and find new levels of productivity. Best of all, all those things we think we need to be happy disappear from our concern when we are happy… and then they come anyway. We’re no longer getting in God’s way with our fears.

So try it this week. Keep choosing love. Flex that mental muscle… and feel the bliss that comes with loving, not for the sake of being loved back, but simply because it feels amazingly good to have love flowing through you!

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