I AM alone with the fullness of All-that-Is.
Sitting singly on the mountain top,
with not a soul around,
or so it seems,
in this seeming reality
… only a dream.

Don’t weep for me
and feel sorry.
For my solitude is rich with life,
and my quiet peace
is joy, no strife.

What looks alone
is really filled with grace
and beauty
and glorious life.

I have been more alone
with the Unconnected others.
And connected more deeply.
with no one.
but The One.

I know well
the spaces and silence
of solitude,
where I feel the Love
of all Life.

No one blocking it,
No one trying to convince me
I am lesser than
the seductive ones
whose starry eyes
and unconscious lies
makes so many think
that they feel so alive.

There are plenty who know
how to rope and to ride,
how to crawl in your skin,
steal your soul from within,
Then after years, you wake empty…
wondering why.

I don’t judge.

They don’t even know
they play heart-stealing games.
To them love is a quest for attention,
aways the same…
Work it. Get it. Own it. Possess it,
Take it for grated and then throw it away.
But they can’t indulge in these games
unless we allow them to play.

And Oh God I did
… so many times,
back in the day.

But pain is the the rock that the seed must endure
until it bursts open, grows strong, and mature.
Until it thirsts for the light and drinks of the rain
and grows around obstacles, no more restraint,
Bursting forth, into fullness and bloom
once potential, now potent,
Now no more room
for untruths…

In this space…
still “alone” perchance,
One is ripe, One is ready
to join souls who dance
in the fullness of their own
Divine Being.
Those who celebrate truth,
Those who see things unseen.

These are the ones with whom I am free,
These are the ones with whom I can Be
all that I am…
All I AM wishes for me.

Souls who celebrate joy
and laugh at wrinkles of strife,
Souls who know that the dress
is not more beautiful
than the life,
that lives inside the garment
of these bodies that pass
through time’s stamp upon the soul.

These are the ones, who are not
“other halves” – They are whole.

And so, in the silence of solitude
we find Love’s true glow,
Rising within, never ceasing to grow.
First within self,
then reaching to others who know…

That although solitary
we are never alone.

It is a Joy to connect,
In this space
In this Grace.

Knowing that Love lives within,

And our only need is to let Love run free…
To live, laugh, expand, and have fun…
To experience more of Itself,
that we’re All,
Already One.

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