Embracing divine feminine

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women out there celebrating today!

I remember when I was little we used to have “the May Procession” at church, a day when we celebrated Mary’s love for the world. It was so exciting as a little girl because we got to dress up and walk with flowers in our hands, next to the “big” girls in eight grade… the young and the “old” being together in celebration of a single humble woman who said, “Yes” to God’s love and God’s plan for her life.

The dedication to Mary runs in my family. My Grandmother was named Mary and had a strong tendency to pray and ask for Mary’s help. In fact I used to sneak the rosary into bed and pray under the covers at night when I should have been sleeping! My Mother is “Carol Ann Mary.” I am “Ann Mary.” and so our family women have carried this name in our lives and our hearts, always remembering that while our society traditionally views God as a male figure, the Divine is beyond human form. And while there is certainly the male / giving / protective side to God, there is also a feminine side to the Divine – gentle, nurturing, receptive, compassionate, and unconditionally loving. I pray regularly for all aspects of this love to take root and grow in my heart.

It is not a surprise that we celebrate Mother’s Day in the spring, when even our Mother earth is open to the welcoming love of the sun, nurturing the seeds that have laid in the ground, and bursting into new life.

I love the angels’ little meditation above – to sit and open up and ask God to allow love to grow in us in a way that serves our spirit and nurtures our being. Feels good.

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