Silence as the darkness wraps me in its still embrace
Kissed by dancing starlight
and caressed by moonbeams on my face.
I wait…
Till sapphire skies drip slowly into inky black
Reclaiming day from silent night’s tender, peace-filled grasp

Anticipation, ocean waves of blue cascade, recedes…
Giving way to silver slivers, hints of dawn…
Darkness sighs and slips behind red rocks.
One more kiss of moonlight, stardust, then they’re gone…

Gold! Liquid gold bursts forth…
Shattering stillness with symphonies of light,
Birds sing a Halleluiah chorus,
Day dances, celebrating
Every breath of life!

In the quiet joy of sunrise,
A grateful heart leaps, giving praise…
Thank you precious Life
For the priceless gift
…of one more day.

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