Strength in Adversity

I had a chance to get stronger a few weeks ago. I went to bed feeling fine on a Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday morning with twisted intestines. I was bloated so large I looked pregnant, and to say it was painful was an understatement. To make matters worse I had been scheduled to drive two hours north the following day to assist friends. There was no way I could think that far ahead. I surrendered, prayed, and focused upon relaxing enough to heal.

Thursday morning I woke up still with a desire to help my friends. I hadn’t slept much, was still in terrible pain and didn’t even know how driving would be possible. But I prayed, visualized, and affirmed the best. Soon an idea popped into my head. “Look for healers up north and in Phoenix. See where you can get an appointment Ann.” It ends up the only place I could get an appointment with the right kind of healer was up north! And so despite excruciating pain, and against the odds, I loaded up the car and drove two hours doing deep breathing and prayer and focusing on the present until I arrived, just in time for my treatment! Happily I was on the road to recovery.

I was still in pain the next several days but was joyful that I was able to help my friends. Focusing on others made me forget my own problems. Focusing on all there was to be grateful for helped me heal more quickly. I was grateful for extra time to rest, the beautifully clean and clear air, the song of the birds, for the ability to walk at all, and the ability to heal quickly. I got to meet girlfriends and attend a beautiful concert. I got to stand in the creek, and I even attended a session where the folks who filmed my show were filming Robin Miller – the beautiful musician who plays heavenly music at my seminars! (I’ll let you know when his concert is going to be aired Online too. Can’t wait!! I saw some sneak previews and its going to be awesome!)

So in spite of excruciating pain and a seemingly hopeless situation, God found a solution. I found a path to do what I wanted to do and to heal as well. I found a strength I did not know I had through the power of focusing on the good in my life and trusting that I would be guided all the way. I can’t believe I enjoyed myself in spite of my physical condition but as I told one of my friends, I will forget the pain and remember the goodness alone.

When you find yourself in challenging times when it seems there is no hope for things to turn around, have faith. Focus on the outcome you desire. Trust God loves you and will help you find a way. And be strong in your resolve to be loving and kind to yourself and others, for in so doing, you will find joy even in life’s most challenging times.

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