When you see the highest mountain and you feel the need to climb
When you feel the bright blue sky above, and wish that you could fly,
When the yearnings in your soul are screaming out to let them free,
Know that deep within your heart, you’ll find the only key.

Look inside to find the destination of this journey we call life
When times are getting tougher, see through the illusion we call strife
When you feel it closing in on you from each and every side,
Know that freedom lies within – your soul already flies.

You can pierce the darkened grayness of the seeming cloudy skies
Know ing far above them, the sun shines on earth’s sparkling eyes.
In the darkest stormy tumult of a lightning-saddled night,
The stars glimmer above the clouds, if you could only take to flight.

Start now towards the destination; even better yet awaken,
The trip is now in progress on this journey we call life,
And the highest mountain waits for you; the skyways hear your cry
The climb is now in progress, and the freedom’s found way deep inside.

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