I Must Shine

Slipping silently out of heaven
I enter the dream
Each morning,
As the world’s static, needs, and fears
Like desperate children

To my skin.
Trying to fight their way
back to the Womb,
back within.

Static shakes me
In its unkind grasp
Clenches me in its fist
Until at last
I feel I must escape,
Dear God,
not from life,
But from its forgetful
And fearful clasp.

To fight is to lose.
To fend off the world’s hurting need
Only feeds
The darkness.

I must shine
Must believe
Only In

I am weary.
There is nowhere to rest
In the arms of God…
In the truth behind
illusions and lies…
Only there do I find
My solace.

I am weary
From life’s constant cry
“Come join us in fear’s
numbing lies…”

No I won’t. I can’t…

The I-Am behind the eyes
Is constant and strong.
There, only there
Here and now
I belong!

Stop. Breathe. Feel.
The static shakes me.
It hurts.
Feels real.

But I breathe,
Allowing love to arise
From within, from without
From the earth
From the skies…
Only love

Until at long last
The tight grasp of the world’s
Fearful fist
Relaxes, releases,
Gives way to light
Only this!
This is truth!

Finally, light once again
Fills my skin.
Finally joy once again
Reclaims my mind from
The din…

Now, like a lighthouse I stand
The heart of God shining
Through this form I call Ann…

Ready to live and love
Another day
In a dance that is only

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