It was an old habit for me to have a little frustrated reaction when faced with what I considered to be a “distraction.” I have so many things I want to accomplish in a given day, and so many more in this one lifetime! However, the angels have taught me to trust that everything, no matter how unrelated to my dreams it might seem, is there to support me in achieving them.

So, for example, when I want to get home but get stuck in a traffic jam, how does that support my dreams? Maybe I am avoiding an accident. Maybe I’m getting out of a rushed and hurried vibe and learning to surrender more so I can allow God and the angels to work more clearly in my life. Maybe I’m reading something, listening to something, or practicing my visualizations in the car. Maybe I’m letting spiritual energy flow through me to everyone in traffic and thus opening my own channel even more… so I can gaze more strongly for others. Maybe I’m getting slowed down to run into someone helpful later… There are a million reasons why that traffic jam – that seems to be a distraction – might be just the thing I need in that moment.

When I was queuing up these newsletters last week, I had quite a few distractions. I had promised to meet a friend for coffee at noon and had hoped to get three newsletters done early that morning. They take an hour or two each, sometimes more. Instead I felt like exercising. Then I noticed things that needed attention in the yard. I forgot I had to do the laundry, put the dishes away, etc. In the past I would have been very frustrated and felt terribly “behind.” However, there is no “behind” in the present! SO I surrendered, got my house and yard in order, met my friend, and the newsletters poured through easily because I was so open and relaxed later that day!

Even funnier, a few weeks ago I decided to create a wonderful, beautiful day outdoors with friends riding the chair lift on Mt. Humphreys, then going for a hike. It appeared to be a distraction when the sunny day started to be darkened by ominous dark grey storm clouds. We used that as an opportunity to manifest the weather we wanted!

Being quite full of ourselves, we got our tickets and lined up for the lift as I was doing one of my favorite hiking affirmations… “I am the sun that parts the clouds!” A man got off the lift shivering in front of us! “It was raining, freezing, and hailing at the top!” he told us. We saw the sun breaking through the clouds. Sure enough our positive energy cleared the clouds over our own heads and gave us the incredible view in this week’s photo… complete with a heart made of blue sky!

So this week, here are a few tips to see your “distractions” as “opportunities”…

1. Print a copy of the Serenity Prayer and put it where you can see it. Keep a copy in your purse, wallet, and car. Repeat Often.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr

In surrendering to what we cannot change we find peace.

2.When you feel something is a distraction, ask yourself, How might this be an “opportunity” to get me in the right vibration to manifest my dreams?

Suppose you are finally planning to take time to rest, and suddenly someone needs your attention. Can you list at least five ways that this might be an “opportunity” to get your energy in the right space to allow you to rest more often?

• Perhaps this is showing you where you need kind boundaries.
• Perhaps this is giving you an opportunity to say “no.”
• Perhaps you will feel great and rest without guilt after helping this person.
• Perhaps this is helping you learn to surrender and thus adopt a more restful attitude in general.
• Perhaps this motivates you to turn the phone off or go on vacation more often in order to have time to yourself.

Suppose you are in a new a relationship and the person you thought you connected with, suddenly has something come up and cannot see you for a few weeks. How might this is be an”opportunity” to get your energy in the right space to enjoy a loving relationship?

• Perhaps it is an opportunity to see where you can give yourself more of what you want from the other, thus creating a more mature form of love
• Perhaps it is an opportunity to heal an old feeling of abandonment
• Perhaps it is an opportunity to be more compassionate and see the innocence in another
• Perhaps it is a red flat that this relationship is not what you want
• Perhaps it is time to visit with friends and others whom you love…

You get the idea… there is always a vibrational opportunity that is attempting to help you with your creations.

This week, every time you feel something is a distraction use it as an opportunity to get your vibration in harmony with what you seek to create!

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