The Aura

The Human Aura
The Human Energy Field - The Aura

The aura is an energy field that surrounds and penetrates the human body. Clairvoyants & healers describe it as an egg-shaped field of lights and colors. The aura extends beyond the body into infinity, however what we call the personal aura can be seen anywhere from a few inches to several feet. A special type of photography called Kirilian photography has even been able to capture the aura on film.

There are many different layers of energy in the aura, each existing at a different vibration. In order to easily remember the primary layers use the following example:

Suppose someone you know begins to exhibit angry behavior. At first, their angry energy hits the outer or spiritual layer or your aura. You shrug it off. You look at them with compassion and assume they must be having a bad day.

Now, the next time you see the same person, they are angry again. Their energy begins to filter into the mental layer of your aura. You will think about their behavior and wonder what’s wrong, whether or not you did something to upset them, and how you can help them.

If the person continues to be angry around you, their energy will filter down even closer into the emotional layer of the aura. Now you may be upset when you see the person coming towards you. You may feel angry yourself, sad, or simply irritated.

Finally, if the bad behavior continues, even your physical energy–your body–will be affected. Your muscles may tense, you may stoop, or straighter up in a defensive posture. Chances are likely you won’t even realize that you are actually tensing your body as they approach

As this example illustrates, the aura can be divided into four very important layers: (1) the spiritual layer or outermost layer that records all of your souls experiences (2) the mental layer that contains your thought forms and deep-seated beliefs (3) the emotional energy body that contains your sadnesses, joys, angers, and all the rest of the human emotions you experience, and finally (4) the physical layer which is your body. Esoteric literature divides the physical layer into additional layers including one close to the physical body called the “etheric body.”

Most people who see auras do not distinguish between these layers because in truth they all overlap. Instead the clairvoyants notice the clouds of light — energy that is moving, stuck, or vibrating with different patterns and colors. The patterns and colors of these clouds of light contain a great deal of information as summarized below:

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Sensing the Aura

Some people are lucky enough to be born with the ability to see and sense the aura. However anyone can learn. There are three primary ways of perceiving the aura:

  1. Seeing the aura with your eyes open
  2. Seeing the aura with your eyes shut
  3. Sensing or feeling the aura

1. Seeing the Aura with Your Eyes Open

This method takes more practice than the others. The goal is to achieve a loose and relaxed focus with your physical eyes that allows the more subtle energies of the aura to come in view. There are many books available on the subject, but here is a simple trick given to me by Rev. Judith McClure who runs the Center for Expanding Consciousness

Do this exercise with a friend:

  1. Have your friend sit in a chair with their back against a white wall.
  2. Have them place a small sticky dot or piece of paper in the middle of their forehead.
  3. Sit about four feet away.
  4. Place your hands up in front of your face, and hold your fingers as if you were framing a picture with thumbs pointing inward and your index finger pointing up (Like two “L’s” pointing inward).
  5. Loosely focus on the dot on your friend’s forehead. While you are doing this, move your hands apart slowly, further and further apart, keeping a loose focus on the dot, and allowing your peripheral vision to follow your hands. If you keep trying this exercise you will soon see a thin layer of light around your friend’s head! If you try several times you may even see color. Keep at it! Sooner or later you will see auras.

2. Seeing the Aura with Your Eyes Closed

Work with a friend. Tell him or her to remember a time when he/she felt a strong emotion, but do not allow them to tell you what they are feeling. Close your eyes. Breath deeply a few times and imagine that there is a line of light connecting the center of your forehead with the same spot on your friend. Just breath and be calm in this space.

Ask yourself what colors and patterns are in your friend’s aura. You may have an inner image appear or simply a sense or feeling of what the aura must look like. Report what you have seen to your friend and correlate the colors/patterns with the emotion they were feeling.

3. Sensing or Feeling the Aura

The aura patterns can be felt by those sensitive to energy. Try putting your hands about three inches above various areas in the body (heart, throat, third eye in the middle of the forehead, and solar plexus, just above the navel) each day and tune into the subtle sensations you feel. With time, you can learn to sense energy.

See if you can correlate the subtle sensations with your moods at the time. Sensations might include warmth, coldness, a tingling sensation like the fizzies in a cola, or stronger buzzing, as in front of a television screen, spiky feelings, sluggishness, etc. On different days you may feel different things as your mood and energy level fluctuate.

Interpreting Patterns in the Aura

Patterns can be seen or felt in the aura. The indications in the table below are common interpretations of these patterns. When in doubt, ask your inner wisdom to help you understand what you are seeing or feeling.


Translucent, flowing energy
Feels pleasantly warm and/or tingly

Translucent, flowing energy typically indicates good physical health in that region, mental clarity, and emotional balance.
Jagged or chaotic energy
Feels like an uncomfortable burning or prickly sensation

Jagged, chaotic energy typically indicates anger or a place that is susceptible to illness* such as cancer, infection, or auto-immune system diseases. It can also indicate mental confusion.
Sluggish or muddied energy
Can feel like tar or very “thick” energy

Sluggish or muddied energy typically indicates fatigue, sadness, or depression. It can at times indicate a jealously or stubborn refusal to forgive, but again, don’t make assumptions. It can indicate an area of weakness in the physical body or an area with memory of an old injury. It will point out mental exhaustion or emotional fatigue.
Frozen or crystallized energy with little movement
Sometimes feels cold, clammy, or tense

Frozen energy usually indicates fear, a stuck belief, or a chronic emotional pattern. You can remember this by reminding yourself of how you feel when fearful (tense and frozen). The energy looks the same.
*While the aura can tell you areas of weakness or susceptibility to illness, please consult a trained health care professionals if you have concern. Aura readings assist the individual in being able to identify areas of weakness or low flow before problems arise in the physical body.

Interpreting Colors in the Aura

Colors can be seen in the aura. The indications in the table below are some common interpretations of these colors, although there are many more colors that can be seen! When in doubt, ask your inner wisdom to help you understand what you are seeing or feeling.


A bright candy-colored red can indicate a passionate and energetic nature often associated with people who are courageous, entrepreneurial, or achievers. A deep clear red is often associated with the root chakra and indicates a physical orientation in life, an adventurer, and often a well grounded individual.A muddied or dark red can indicate anger. Orange/red can symbolize sexual interest or passion.
Orange typically symbolizes a passionate, creative, or adventurous personality. Orange may also indicate creative energy, sexual passion or ambition.
Yellow often indicates a person with intelligence who has a warm and playful, generally cheerful personality. Sometimes yellow also indicates intellectual energy.
Bright green is the color of the heart and indicates healing, or new growth. People with a great deal of green in their auras are often healers and/or counselors. They are social, and love to share. A dark clear green indicates someone who is responsible and ambitious who is likely to work for material wealth and luxury in their life. A muddied green may indicate envy.
Blue is the color of expression so when it appears in the aura you may be dealing with a teacher , someone who does public speaking, or perhaps someone who is simply self-expressed. People with a great deal of blue are often very sensitive to and supportive of others.
Rose may indicate that the person is in love, or practices deep spiritual self-love.
Purple indicates a person who has a deep connection with spirit or is pursing a path of active spiritual growth.
Black is not always bad, although if it is muddied, clouded, or stagnant this may indicate an area of weakness, illness, or depression. Black may also simply indicate an area of mystery in that person’s life.
White in the aura may indicate a very evolved being or may be the presence of angels or guides in the aura.
A person with brown in the aura is often earthy and grounded. A muddy brown can indicate confusion
A person with gold in their aura is an evolved being. Gold indicates a strong connection to the I AM presence of the Divine
Those with silver in their aura are often good communicators or are dealing with issues of communication.

Aura Maintenance

My angels once joked with me that we pay much attention to oral hygiene but not nearly enough attention to aura hygiene! I’ve done an entire talk on the topic that you can purchase in my shop, here are a few of the basic concepts you can use, in order to keep your aura balanced and flowing smoothly:

1. Make sure you stay grounded.

Many people mistakenly assume that being grounded means you cannot access the spiritual realms. In fact, you can access the spiritual realms in a much healthier manner when you are grounded. If you are psychically sensitive you pick up energy and people’s emotions all day. You need a means to drain off this chaotic energy in order to receive the higher frequencies of your soul. You need grounding.

Every day (the more often the better), imagine that there are roots growing from your feet and tailbone into the earth. Once you are rooted, imagine golden light coming in through the top of your head and flowing down through your entire body, through the roots and deep into the earth.

2. Keep your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy flowing.

Move frequently even if that only means walking a few times a week. Use your mind in a way that makes you happy. If you do not have a mentally challenging job, read, take a class, or have good discussions with friends. Keep your emotions well balanced by seeking out the company of nurturing friends and avoiding the rest. And don’t forget to feed your spirit with some sort of regular practice whether it be prayer, meditation, church, or anything that connects you with the Divine.

Maintaining healthy energy will facilitate health, optimism, and balance. You will remain more centered and less susceptible to feeling the effects of chaotic circumstances around you.


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