Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace (4-CD Set)


Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace (4-CD Set)
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Join Ann Albers and her Heavenly Helpers as they guide you beyond struggles, beyond obsessing on what you think you need to be happy, and learn to manifest the life God wants for you! In this seminar you’ll learn the basics of manifestation and then how to use these tools to create the desires that arise naturally within your heart.


Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace (MP3 Download)

JHave you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything come easily and some don’t?  Would you like to have opportunities, stuff, and ideas come to you like magic?  You may have learned manifesting… but not like this!

Join Ann Albers and her Heavenly Helpers as they guide you beyond struggles, beyond obsessing on what you think you need to be happy, and learn to manifest the life God wants for you!

In this upbeat, humorous, and educational play-shop you’ll learn to lighten up and let God help you create a life beyond your wildest dreams! Ann has been helping clients manifest their dreams now for years, and has guided over 1000 people through her manifestation seminars, and thousands more in personal sessions.

Here’s what previous workshop participants say…

“I have your CD’s Manifesting in the Flow of Grace, in my car. I laugh and love the inspiration that comes through you to me everyday. Thank you for making a difference in my life. You are an ANGEL.”

“Yours is the best cd on manifesting I have heard! It is you, being totally you, that brings innocence, humaness, and angelic joy into the essence of it”

“I bought your CD set Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace, which I have listened to over and over. I have loaned it to friends and also had you send a copy to my sister.

“I’ve listened to Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace and absolutely LOVED it!!! Since I can’t attend your seminars (due to logistics) this made me feel like I was still part of your circle of friends. The CD was so helpful and concise that I learned how to incorporate new tools and thoughts into my life. THANKS for sharing your voice and heart.”

List of Tracks:


01 – Introduction (2:47)
02 – Kndergarten manifesting (3:06)
03 – Intermediate manifesting – (2:33)
04 – Enlightened manifesting in the flow of grace (1:26 )
05 – The basics of manifestation – we live in a vibrational universe
06 – Don’t give up! The power of the unconscious mind (3:05)
07 – Taking charge of your thoughts (2:19)
08 – The importance of feeling (1:08)
09 – Just the facts ma’m (3:20)
10 – The bottom line (20:04)
11 – You need that loving feeling! (1:29)
12 – Basic Human Desires & the Chakras (0:57)
13 – Feeling Exercise (0:40)
14 – Getting that loving feeling (9:45)


15 – Removing Blocks (21:53)
16 – Owning your manifestation (2:06)
17 – Surrendering to the process (13:45)
18 – God wants the best for you! (5:51)
19 – Deep surrender/ask for help (2:42)
20 – Manifestation surrender prayer (1:11)
21 – Giving up control and assuming the best (5:39)
22 – Honor your guidance exercise (3:01)
23 – Trust guidance no matter what (2:31)


24 – Difference between effort and struggle (6:45)
25 – Handling clashing manifestations & Lessons in trusting the moment (8:29)
26 – How to manifest more clients while trusting the moment (2:12)
27 – Trusting the moment creates motivation, inspiration (2:10)
28 – Ego level vs. soul level desires / forget trying to fit (2:37)
29 – Manifesting a fit and healthy body (3:30)
30 – Manifesting better communication with a loved one (2:38)31 – Manifesting Everything you want! (2:06)
32 – The bottom line is happiness (3:11)
33 – Patience goes a long way – don’t put off happiness (2:09)
34 – You harmonize with the universe when you manifest in grace (1:55)
35 – Manifesting in a difficult relationship (1:02)
36 – You dont’ have to figure it out (1:40)
37 – Manifesting around diffcult people (3:43)
38 – Watch where your energy goes (0:52)
39 – Manifesting a better world (1:47)


40 – Being who you really are to free up your energy (8:19)
41 – You’re trusting, now what? (2:53)
42 – Manifesting without attachments/more trust (3:30)
43 – The dogs’ rule of manifesting & listening to your intuition (1:37)
44 – What happens when we forget…./asking for help all the time (0:56)
45 – Review (9:53)


Music by: Michael Hammer and Grady Soine • Used with permission.

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