Be-Lightful (4-CD Set)


Be-Lightful (4-CD Set)
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Join Ann Albers and her Heavenly Helpers in a magical journey of remembering your connection to God, self, and others. We'll take you beyond concepts into blissful experiences of the Oneness, other dimensional fields of possibility, and even a journey before birth to see why you're here! Ditch guilt, shame, and notions of the small self &  embrace the amazing light that you are!


Be-Lightful (4-CD Set)

Have you ever struggled with guilt or traditional notions of God?  Did you ever wonder who you are and why you’re here?  If so get ready to feel Be-ligthful!  After a mystical experience, the angels asked author and spiritual instructor, Ann Albers to teach a class in which she guided others to experience their true nature as one with the Divine… and all of life.

People loved it! Reviews kept pouring in about the magnificent changes attendees experienced weeks after the seminar! Now you can join in for some life changing “Fun in the One!” in this recorded copy of the original playshop!

Dscussion, humor, exercises, and guided journeys allow you to experience the Oneness, travel beyond time and space to connect with others, and learn to love even the unlovable parts of yourself. You’ll  the ditch guilt and shame that holds you bound and reconnect with your eternal innocence. You’ll journey back before birth to see why you chose this lifetime, and we’ll even take you into the matrix of Divine mind to call forth  desired futures.

From discussions on relationships, mysticism, quantum physics, humorous stories & exercises, psychic exercises, and deep journeys in spirit, we cover the gamut of practical mysticism with tools and concepts you can use immediately in your everyday life.

Join Ann & the Angels in this uplifting playshop to experience the truth, light, beauty, and wonder of you!

Here’s what previous workshop participants say…

I wanted to let you know that I’ve just finished listening to your Be-Lightful! CDs, and I love, love, love, love, love them! There were so many little moments where I felt such bliss that I was moved to tears. While I was already familiar with much of the material you discussed, you presented it in such a joyful way and made it so much more fun. Thank you so much for doing the work you’re doing on God’s behalf – it’s truly inspiring, and it’s made me realize that it’s time to bring my own light out of hiding.”

“It has been over a month now that we attended your Be-lightful Playshop Thank you. I was never so comfortable in a Playshop as I was yours. The energy was amazing. My friend said outloud “She is mesmerizing,” just as I was thinking it! We have all benefited and are incorporating the information from that days play!!!  Wonderful things …I am so grateful”

“I LOVE your Be-lightful Playshop. I feel so much lighter and joyous now. You have such a positive, loving, funny way of looking at the things we humans stay attached to… You expressed the idea of the grid and how to travel on it so well that men and women relate to it and I personally found it very easy to do!”

“My friend and I cannot stop talking about this seminar (Be-Lightful)…it was SO AWESOME…so much more than we expected and totally reached out to touch that part of us that needed touching”

“I just wanted to thank you for an awesome day at Be-Lightful! You were incredible. I do so love your sense of humor!

“I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed your Be-lightful workshop.  I have attended 2 of your other workshops and knew I was in for a great day, I was not disappointed.”

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the wonderful day Saturday (Be-Lightful).  I had so much fun.  I learned so much and I am visualizing everyday.  It was my friend’s first time at something like this and she fell in love with it.  She is going through a hard time and needed that day.  I could listen to you all day, you are so so funny, and make it so simple.”

List of Tracks:


01 Introduction (10:57)
02 You’re part of God (3:56)
03 You’re connected (0:38)
04 The God I know (2:53)
05 You are frequency (2:35)
06 Across space & time (5:00)
07 Journey through time (9:37)
08 Prayer/manifestation (14:54)
09 Ask for help! (1:35)
10 Quantum Physics … (2:45)
11 The Observer Effect (1:33)
12 All is Within God (2:21)
13 Relationship w/All (11:34)


01 Change Relationships (4:16)
02 You are part of God (1:38)
03 Loving yourself (3:58)
04 All is lovable (4:48)
05 I am a part of you (7:54)
06 All is in you (13:31)
07 Intro to Meditation (2:01)


01 Meditation – Being Light in Oneness (29:48)
02 How to Use Tools in the Meditation (3:47)
03 Review/truly helping Others (3:58)
04 Authors (2:23)
05 Intro to Journey Before Birth Meditation (0:47)
06 Meditation to Journey Before Birth (22:24)


01 Soul choices, the path, & light vs. dark (9:58)
02 Getting Rid of Guilt & Shame (44:31)
03 Prayer & meditation to ditch guilt, shame, & fear (2:34)
04 Lighten it up affirmation (2:09)
05 Discussion & exercise – Being Psychic (8:30)
06 God speaks through you (2:27)


Music by: Michael Hammer and Grady Soine • Used with permission.

A huge orb appeared during the original live playshop!

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