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Terms of Service | Legal Disclaimer

I share my heart, energy, & all I’ve learned from the angels / life as an act of love…

Nonetheless, because we live in a world where things must be clearly defined, this page is necessary.

The terms are legally binding. We’ve included annotations, like the one below, that aren’t a part of the contract itself, but are intended to help you more easily understand its terms.

By using this website and its services you’re bound to a legal contract, which is contained within this page, our Privacy Policy, and our Cookie Policy. In general, we simply ask that you take personal responsibility and use our site with integrity.

I know this is a lot of legal, but is important to us to honor earthly laws as well as the heavenly ones!

Please make sure to read everything before proceeding forward and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

With Love and Respect for Your Journey,