You are a universe unto yourself

My dear friends we love you so very much.

In times of turmoil and transition upon your planet remember that you are a universe unto yourself, and yet deeply part of all here upon the earth as well. Within all of you lie the frequencies of heaven as well as the frequencies of hell. You can tune into whichever vibration you choose dear ones.

You can for example, look upon the recent events on your planet and indeed in your own lives and feel deeply the illusions of separation – you can see the world in terms of “us” vs. “them.” However, dear ones, we assure you that in choosing this perspective there are no winners, only losers. Would your right hand benefit by hating and hitting the left? Truly they are individuals with different perspectives but certainly part of one body. Likewise, differing factions here upon the earth, or even within your own families, are all part of a human race which is encompassed by God’s love. Some remember this truth. Many forget.

Pray dear ones, for peace in your own hearts. From that perspective, you become the angels here upon the earth who refuse to get sucked into the hatred and separation. You become the ones who elevate your souls above the problems, manipulations, and ills that try to ensnare you, and you discover that God finds new solutions when you are rooted in love and trust. You, dear ones can live heavenly lives even when the world around you tries to create hell.

You are the lightworkers, the angels upon the earth, and the brave souls who have chosen to incarnate as ambassadors of God’s love in spite of so much pain on your planet. You are being asked now to walk the higher path, forgive and release those who have wronged you, and stand in your truth, asking God to help you create the life you desire. Trust dear ones, that even with the pain and chaos on your planet God cares about each one of your individual lives –for within you lie the same vibrations that affect your world.


God bless you. We love you so very much.

– The Angels

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