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Many of you have written me or come to my office lately experiencing a heaviness of heart. It seems that many of you are feeling the events in the world and may not even know it. Symptoms like needing an inordinate amount of sleep, uncharacteristic loneliness, and a heaviness seem to be running rampant. Fear seems to be trying to rear its head as of late as well in so many hearts. The dark energies seem to try to capitalize on times of turmoil to stir us up.

In times like these, if you feel the world, it is SO important to get back to basics in life. Rest, eat decently, and find things that uplift your spirit. Spend time with people that uplift you, or watching shows that inspire you.

I took the angels’ message last week to heart and got out of town and outdoors deep into the woods last weekend. I sat in the car during a wonderful thunderstorm, and hiked amidst the pines up north. My spirit felt rejuvenated once again and my energy level was much better. At home again this week, trying to hold everyone else up, I find myself needing a great deal of sleep. I am surrendering to my body. It knows best.

Be very gentle with yourselves in these changing times. The energy is both conducive to wonderful creations if you intend and pray for what you want, and also great heaviness if you get sucked into that energy. It seems that wherever our thoughts are pointed, we go there quickly. Be kind to yourself this week and trust that this in itself is a contribution to peace and a catalyst for change in your own life.

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