Your lives can change in a second dear friends. The minute you shift your energy, you shift your entire existence. Any problems, challenges, or frustrations you have will begin to be healed at the very moment you choose to focus upon love.

God does not look at the past except to help you learn from it. Your angels do not focus on your past. It is only your human conditioning that binds you to the past and makes you think that it will take time to make up for past “mistakes.” We must, as angels, remind you that in our realms, nothing is a “mistake” but rather simply a learning experience. When you make a choice with an outcome you do not like, simply learn from it, love yourself, and move forward, for then we can assist you in creating a kinder reality.

So many of you hold on to unforgiveness towards yourself. Catch yourself. Stop being unkind to yourself. Simply ask yourself, “What did I learn? What will I do differently next time.” Then celebrate dear ones, for each learning experience is one step closer towards joy, one step closer towards well-being, one step closer to feeling greater love.

We never look at your past with anything less than reverence, for we understand you are all students in this school called earth and the lessons are not always easy. We honor you, love you, and respect every moment upon the path of your growth into greater love. Give yourselves this love and respect too and you will grow so much more gracefully and joyfully.

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