Venting kindly

I rarely watch the news so it was only due to a post on Facebook that I saw the news of the earthquake in Tibet this past week, the huge volcanic eruption in Chile, and the Hawaiian volcano almost bubbling over. Mother earth is shifting and rumbling. It didn’t surprise me. I felt it in my body and psyche days leading up to the events, and I saw waves of people starting to “vent” and “rumble” as well. We are all connected to the earth, whether we know it or not. Ironically enough these events were sandwiched between two weeks of episodes of my show in which we’re discussing the power and love beneath all emotions. I am frequently in awe of the Divine’s intricate sense of timing.

The angels once said to me when I was begging them to help me “not be angry” that Mother earth doesn’t feel any guilt blowing a volcano when her pressure builds up. They told me that the most enlightened thing we can do when we have strong emotions – is not to judge ourselves, or repress our feelings, but rather vent them in a healthy way, often in private in a journal, or with a trusted professional or friend. They never let me blame anyone else for my feelings. They impeccably ask me to own that my reaction to life is “my” reaction, not caused by anyone else. Someone else can trigger us, but our reaction is based on what is within us.

Happily, at our deepest levels something better is always trying to make its way to the surface. If you wanted to run clean water through a pipe, you would turn on the water, but first all the dirt caked on the insides would stream out, followed only then by the pure and clean water. Likewise, sometimes the light inside of us requires us to allow our emotions to flow, in a healthy way, in private, before the real love can reveal itself.

So if you found or find yourselves having strong emotions, let yourself give them expression in private and see what love lurks beneath. You may just be the one that keeps mother earth from having to do the venting for us.

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