While we certainly would wish you a happy and comfortable journey upon the earth, there are times when there is great benefit to stepping beyond what is comfortable and “safe” in your own mind. There are times when something feels right, sounds right, looks right, but requires you to see yourself differently, to dance with life a little differently, or to open up to a different perspective.

As you say upon your earth, “If you only do what you always done, you will only get what you have always got.” You are all far more capable, far more intelligent, far more resourceful, far more beautiful, and far more capable of loving than you might imagine. You have a strength in you born in the heart of God. You have a light in you born of love itself. You have access to all the information in the universe, if not directly, well then, and we laugh up here… in your modern times… through your Internet!

Allow yourselves to dream of lives beyond what you think you can have. Allow yourselves to try things you are not sure if you can accomplish. Be as little children and you will enter the kingdom of heaven there upon your earth, for a child lives only in the moment, dancing with delight and without worry about whether or not the path they embark upon will “turn out right.”

We encourage you to think of one thing you would like to do but are not comfortable doing. Maybe it is going out to dinner by yourself. Maybe it is taking a trip you are afraid to take. Maybe it is speaking in front of people, cooking someone you love a meal, or taking a class you are not sure you will have any talent in whatsoever. Allow yourself in the near future to step just a tiny bit outside your comfort zone… for it is in doing this that you discover that there is so much more inside of you than you could ever have imagined.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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