What comfort zone?

Comfort Zone? What comfort zone?!! I joke about that all the time. Ever since I left my nice normal life two decades ago I have honestly continued to step beyond my comfort zone. I was terrified of doing readings the first three years I did them! I was not sure I could speak in public and 75 people showed up to my first lecture so I had to focus on serving them rather than my fears! I wasn’t positive I could teach anything useful and apparently I can 🙂

Last year I left my comfort zone again when, after gazing many times with Braco, I started having energy come through me that way as well. I was both delighted and incredibly uncomfortable when people started receiving healings and having transformative experiences. Who was I to channel such energy? But the angels said, “Do it,” so I did. I forced myself to tell people in spite of being scared of admitting this was happening, and beautiful things have occurred.

This year I pushed myself even farther and made myself learn “how to look natural” in front of a camera so I could film my “Ann & the Angels” show. It didn’t come naturally! I had to practice for days and read everything on the internet I could find. I can’t count the number of times I was near panic, having scheduled filming dates in April and realizing that in March I still felt awkward, tongue tied, and fake in front of the lens! I had to grab my mind and silence any negativity. “I can do this!” I kept telling myself. More doubts… “I can do this!”

But there was one thing I was definitely not comfortable with and that was doing a professional photo shoot. My dear friend and client Alba Elena is a magical photographer. She captures the heart, soul, and essence of her subjects. She has been offering to take photos of me for years! I kept putting it off. I wasn’t getting enough sleep and had bags under my eyes. I was tired. I didn’t have time. I had every reason for not doing it. In truth, I just didn’t feel ready. I have pictures of myself all over the place, but most are “selfies” taken into the woods, and it often takes dozens of selfies to get one good one! I am sometimes, accidentally photogenic, but more often, I am not. And while some may argue, I have proof that I won’t be sharing in public :)!!

Nonetheless a few weeks ago it felt like the right time. I had a day off. Alba had time and we met in a delightful wooded area with the sun filtering through the fall leaves. This dear angel quickly made me forget we were doing something “serious” and turned the photo shoot into a session suited for two little girls playing out in nature. “Give me that soft gaze energy,” she told me. I dropped into my heart, surrendered my consciousness and felt the love starting to flow. Click, I heard the camera, and Alba captured the moment in the photo above. For the first time in my life I saw myself through the eyes of someone who was looking for the magic in my soul, and it was transformative. It has changed the way I see my “external” self.

So when you feel uncomfortable doing something, but want to do it anyway, don’t let that stop you. Don’t let fear of messing up, or fear of being uncomfortable, or fear of not being able to… prevent you from living your life. Embrace life. Give it a try. The worse you can do is fail… or get a bad picture! And the best? Well you may just start to see yourself a little differently 🙂

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