Within you, the love permeating the entire universe exists, waiting to be expressed. Your life here upon the earth is a series of choices as to how you will bring that love to the surface. What matters most at the end of your life is not what you have accomplished, not what you have produced, not how much money you made, nor how good you looked, but simply how you loved.

So if you lived in poverty your whole life but loved and appreciated everyone in it, we would call your life an incredible success. If you built monuments but lived without love we would give you great compassion as you realize that your life was not what you had hoped it would be before you came to earth.

While your accomplishments are certainly things to celebrate, it is the love with which you do them that is of even greater concern to your soul. So if you have to wash the dishes, wash them with love. Take time to smell the soap and feel the water upon your miraculous hands. If you have to fold the laundry, fold it with love. If you have to go to work to earn a living, do so with love and gratitude that you have work, and if you are not in a place that enlivens your soul, then lovingly begin the process of prayer and manifesting change. Even then, dear ones you can find love inside of you and bring it to the surface.

Even in the simplest tasks you can bring glorious and beautiful amounts of appreciation and love. Even in the most difficult and exhausting circumstances you can love yourself enough to call upon God and your angels for comfort and assistance. When you are sad, angry, or fearful, you can love yourself even in the darker spaces. In choosing to love, you transform your life, one moment at a time. And this dear ones, is the greatest accomplishment a soul can create upon your planet earth.

God bless you, we love you so very much.
Each and every one of you is a brilliant success in our eyes!
— The Angels

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