A Mother’s Love

We are delighted today as so many of you celebrate your Mothers, for no matter whether or not they were the ones you wished they would be, it is because of their openness, that you are in the world today enjoying the gift of life.

A mother, dear friends, is a soul who is willing to open, surrender, and allow God’s love to flow through them in a form that they can only nurture to life, but never control. Being a mother is one of the greatest acts of surrender to love that is possible as a human being.

In this fashion, dear ones, you are all mothers – male, female, adult, and child – because you are all capable of opening your minds, bodies, and souls to be impregnated with God’s love, to allow God’s love to take root within you and grow… in any fashion that this beautiful love wishes to grow. And so today, on the day so many of you celebrate your biological mothers, make a decision that you too, will honor the energy of the Divine Mother, by being open, receptive, and nurturing to love.

Sit quietly for just a few moments, and pray, “Dear God, I am open to your love. I am willing to receive it in any form that you think will delight me, comfort me, heal me, uplift me, and nurture my soul. Allow love to take root in my heart and grow into the form it wishes to grow. Allow love to guide and shape my life.”

Happy Mother’s Day dear ones. If you are an earthly mother, we send you our deepest love and respect for it is through your willingness to be open that God’s love takes form upon the earth.

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