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I love the holidays. I love the cooking, the decorating, the presents, all of it. But I do have to watch myself. There is a tendency to want to think I’m Martha Stewart, Norman Rockwell, and Annta Claus all rolled into one. If I am not careful I get so caught up in what I want to do that I forget to enjoy what I am doing. The past few years have been different however. I’ve slowed down, focused more on what I authentically feel like doing and have enjoyed the holidays even more.

Somehow even after getting home from one incredible healing adventure in California, and getting to work full time I was inspired during my next office day to decorate. It used to be an ordeal. I have a lot of boxes to lift, and a lot of things to put up. This year I focused only on the moment at hand. I focused on decorating being an act of loving my home. And in less than a day, even taking time out to get my work done, and chat with viewers on my show, everything was up and in place… without any struggle or drama whatsoever, and done with incredible love and gratitude.

Friends and I are also getting more present and real about where we are at this year. We broke with tradition for our Thanksgiving dinner, changed the menu and made dishes that are much healthier and were still incredibly delicious. It was a very relaxed and lovely feast and we all felt wonderful.

So as you move forward through the holidays, enjoy them. Enjoy the festivities or don’t do them. Enjoy writing your cards or don’t send them. Enjoy your gatherings or don’t go to them. You can’t possibly “do it all,” and yet, so what! you can do what you do with love. I’ve made peace with not being Martha, Norman, and Annta Claus all at once 🙂 I’m satisfied with being just plain Ann, and enjoying the precious moments of time I have been given. Somehow in that reality, more gets done, and in the most beautiful of ways.

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