There is an incredible and dynamic order to the universe dear ones. In all things, you are guided. God knows your heart, your wishes, your dreams, and strives at every moment to fill you with love, to guide you with love, to give you the most pleasant and loving experience here upon this earth.

So in each moment, drop into your heart. Especially during the holidays when you all get so very busy, stop every now and then and drop into your heart, and ask yourself, “Is what I am doing truly in my heart?” Is this shopping what is in my heart, a gift of true love? Is this cooking truly what is in my heart, a gift of true love? Am I writing out holiday cards with love or with duty? Am I decorating my home with love? And if not dear ones, what does the heart truly want? For indeed you are celebrating the birth and burning of of light and love amidst the darkness, and so bring your light into each moment. Love what you are doing or do something else.

Live authentically this holiday season, and then, even if you “get less done,” You will love what you do more. Your memories at the end of this life are not based on how much you achieved, but rather on the love with which you achieved it. This holiday season, truly create an authentic celebration of love. Allow yourself to feel that spark of Divine grace in your hearts and in your lights… and in so doing, you embrace the most beautiful and true spirit of the season.

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