Thank You

Thank you Jesus…

Midnight’s hand reaches
Devouring light
and chasing shadows ‘cross the land.

A storm within rages,
And yet,
You never free my hand

I try to pull away,
And turn away,
And run away,
And you there still.

Just waiting till sun clears clouds within,
Knowing – gently waiting – patient – loving.
You know it is no sin
to feel

Because you already know,
that only love is real.

Constant heartbeat throbbing.
Tears are flowing with each breath.
Gasping, grasping, wrenching truth
from demon’s nest
of illusion within my soul.

You hold my hand
And remind me I am whole,
And the rest is but illusion.
Confusion won’t stand the test of time.
It isn’t real.

You smile, you trust, you know the truth,
I sometimes see and sometimes find,
And sometimes lose and sometimes leave behind.

I am but a simple thought of perfection
In Your holy mind.

I wait grasping tightly to
Your loving outstretched hand.

Knowing storms will pass.
Sun will kiss the land.

And I will see you once again
In the mirror,
Of the eyes I know as Ann.

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