Reclaiming Eve

Women brave and peaceful
captured, raped, and beaten
by a cruel world who had forgotten
spirit’s call.

And now we women
modern so we think
but underneath
so primitive
we bear it all.

In our breast we have forgotten power.
In our loins we have forgotten joy.
In our hearts we have turned away from wisdom.
Now we feel ourselves to be life’s toy.

“Play with me,” we cry
as if we needed someone the outside
to validate our selves.

“Love me!
hasten nearer, fill me up
and take away my fear,
my captor.”

Prisoner’s of time’s cruel fist
cry out loud,
is not acceptable.”

emerges from the depths
of DNA locked tight
against the rape and pillage
of the outer form.

They cannot steal our souls
but they can rewire minds
and emotions they have shorn.

Yet, deep within the modern woman
lost soul
remembers her power and the
crossing of boundaries
so sacred even
were honored by the gods.

We cry at night when no one sees
We seethe in private and say the things
that no one would believe.

We lie to ourselves to avoid
the pain of history revisited again and again
and yet, in our own childbirth
our own rebirth
we emerge
wet and glistening with the messy blood of life
into a new life
in which we once again remember power
in disorder
love in chaos
strength in storm

In owning our emotions
we remember power
take back our own,
and find our souls.

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