Prayer for Souls Asleep

I try so hard to be one of them,
and I am,
but not really.
Being awake one sees mistakes.

I cannot take
without giving.

I cannot give
without knowing
they want more.

I cannot go places others go
and be invisible.
I am seen by naked eyes
and longing souls
who grasp at me
as if
could make them whole.

“I AM” can.

They see that in me
but not in themselves.
I cry for the world as it whirls.

I cry for myself
because I cannot be normal
it seems.
But then what is normal?
Certainly not me.

Being awake bears a heavy burden
of seeing
who they are Being
and who I am Being.

I cannot pretend I am what I am not.

I cannot pretend I don’t see that they don’t see.

I don’t judge
one iota,
but I wish,
I long,
I hope,
I dream,
I pray,
one day…

They’ll see
“I AM”
in them,
not just in me.

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