Meeting on the Matrix of Possibility

Weave with me a tapestry
of gold and silver filagree

of bright white lines
of light and soul

Fushia for heart’s love
green to be whole

blue to express
creative desire
and yellow for mind
that climbs higher and higher

and orange for the passion
and red for the tribe
and violet for spirit
to keep us alive.

Weave with me
be with me
take your lines
and cross mine.

The web and the weft
are our lives intertwined.

Fly on the matrix
sing on the gridlines
hear a thousand souls humming
as we meet at the midlines

where intersection
means connection
live perfection.

Yes please,
weave with me a tapestry
of love and light
and be with me

and see that all
there IS
is all there is to be.

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