First signs of spring sprout
through hardened earth.
Rain and sun and sky
give birth.

Light breeds life.

On my belly I explore a world
known only to ants, bees, bugs, and butterflies
that some deem too fleeting to matter,
and too small to grace with human eyes.

But in a mere breath of God, or maybe a sigh,
We too are born and live and breathe and die.
In the blink of eternity’s eye
Light gives life to life
as “you” and “I.”

What a glorious blink!
What a meaningful sigh!
What beautiful forms
we call “you” and “I.”

Life fashioned by light,
may live and then die,
but memories remain
of the sun, rain, and sky,
and sweet adventures pretending…
One is “you” and “I”

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