Letting Go

In your lack of words I have heard
Volumes unspoken.
Don’t fear my dear
My heart is unbroken.

You pull away and its not about me.
Love is all there is. Love is all I see.
I can read between
the lack of lines.
And hope you can do the same
with mine.

No need to pretend
to protect my heart.
You are protecting yours.
I know it’s a start.

For you
to choose
to love

I have loved you for lifetimes.
It doesn’t end now.
You can push me away
But I exist anyhow.

I will respect
your very deep need
to push me away.
My heart doesn’t bleed.

Because I am you, you see.
You cannot escape me.
I AM all there is and
all there will be.

And so are you
if you choose
to see.
That you cannot ever
escape the love
that is me.

For I AM, I was and I shall always be.
And Ann knows this too.
She knows nothing can cease.

She celebrates love
in its kaleidoscope forms.
She sees you push her away to
come close to your own.

I will not ever cease
to grow into light
to celebrate

You could have my love
as a dear friend, my dear.
You could have me here
to lend an ear.
You could have me to help
celebrate you going your way…

But you push me away.

And so I walk away.

But still I hear between
the lack of lines

That you,
as well,
are doing

And I know
we will be
dear friends,
in time.

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