Dance of Opposition

To the north, Sweet peace.
Blue skies, white fleece,
Golden rays of the day’s last sun
Part clouds that flitter, float, and run.

An ominous rumble sounds.
Lightning’s flash and thunder pounds.
Winds growl, clouds roll and prowl…
Grab the dust from barren land
Fling it into heaven’s hand.

Winds rage and gust in darkened skies
Trees dance to wind-tossed lullabies
Earth and sky in fury meet
Passion fueled by humid heat.

Opposing forces clash, then dance
Two powers made more than one… by chance?

Or Divinity seeking unity?
Chaos seeking calm?
Mind seeking heart?

Polarity… seeking One.

Winds calm, the storm-tossed landscape lies
Beneath the now-clear starry skies
Energy spent, storm subsides.

In every argument
and every clash
of opposing forces
we can fearfully dash…
Or we can weather the untethered winds
of inner storms…

… until we see
There is only One Love
in infinite forms.

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