This speaks of my desire to commune with the Divine Presence Inside and Dissolve all Illusions of Separation… more and more I am having experiences of this bliss…

I am not resisting
so much shifting.

All I want to do is be,
and be, and be
… in silence
… and stillness.
No willingness
for anything else.

I am germinating,
a seed in fertile soil.
No labor. No toil.
Just anticipation
of the day
when you will water me with love
and coax me forth with your strength and light,
and watch in wonder as I grow
ever closer to your heart…

The heart,
the heat,
the beat…
that beckons me.

For now, I want to merge with the roses
and wave like the grasses in the wind.
I want to spread myself out in the vast blue sky
and drift like clouds therein.

I want to feel my heart beating as the drum,
Pulsing rhythms of the earth through body and soul
until there is no me, no you
only one, no halves,
one whole.

Take me.
Pull me close, and kiss me
out of my silent reverie
until with eyes wet moist with dew,
I come to life
and realize that you were there all along…

Waiting for me to sit
quietly enough
for you to find me,

and to laugh
loudly enough
for you to recognize me.

and to be
honest enough
with myself
for you to see me…

I am you and you are me
but how beautiful
breathtakingly so
that we are two, as well,
within One Love
One Soul.

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