You are the light

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In this season of celebrating the light coming into a darkened world, remember, you too are that light. You are truth, inspiration, and God’s angels upon the earth. It is your kind smile that can turn the entire course of a stranger’s day, or perhaps even their lives. It is your willingness to turn away from the unkindness of others, rather than feed it, that is a gift and a blessing to all involved. It is your willingness to acknowledge yourself as part of God’s great love that allows you to shine that light into he world.

So while you are waiting in the holiday lines, take the time to smile at those around you. Call forth the light of God into your being and pray in silence to be a radiant blessing to those around you. When you are driving on the road, remember those are your fellow human beings driving with you. When you are running around with your family and friends, enjoying holiday events, remember, these are the ones you love. Enjoy the time. It is truly a gift, and remember as well to enjoy time with yourself and God each day, for this is a gift and blessing beyond compare.

You are the light in the darkness, dear ones. By all means, enjoy your holiday season. Enjoy the presents you give and receive. Remember, however, it is the gift of your Presence that is the simplest and most humble looking gift of all, and yet the most meaningful gift you can leave upon the earth.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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