Gratitude is easy when things are going well. When life presents challenges, however, gratitude becomes the key for turning things around. Gratitude makes you look at life through the eyes of goodness, truth, beauty, abundance, and in that outlook, things begin to change.

I had another chance to practice that gratitude last week. I have been so happy lately and feeling better than ever. When the angels suggested I do 20 minutes of cardio several times a week to keep my heart healthy, I decided to get up early, crank some fun tunes and dance. It has been a delightful way to start my day! Two weeks ago, I was feeling so excited about life. An excited Aries is somewhat like a puppy who sees a treat. We move fast. We live in our heads, and we don’t always pay attention to our feet. At the pinnacle of joy, after a great day of work, looking forward to a fantastic weekend, I was zipping around, and caught my toe on a door. It wasn’t the first time. It immediately began turning purple and had that sadly distinct feeling of a stress fracture.

As I iced it and propped it up, my heart sank! The holidays were coming! I’m baking a big Thanksgiving dinner for friends, decorating, and so much more! I started to go into drama. You won’t have Thanksgiving! You’ll have to order food! You can’t decorate for Christmas. “Idiot!! Stupid! Ann! You know better than to rush around when you’re happy!” I stopped myself in my tracks, cut out the self-deprecation and the pity party that would have ensued, and focused on gratitude. I had good friends who would help. I caught it and was able to ice it promptly. I knew how to care for it having injured toes many times this lifetime and was grateful that $5 worth of first aid tape and cotton were all that was required. It was the little toe, not the big one. And I went on until I was thanking God for my miracle healing, for undoing any damage done, etc. I started feeling exceedingly grateful that I was not going to suffer with a painful break through the holidays and I was going to get a miraculously quick healing.

The gratitude was what saved me. I ended the drama, taped the toe, got the house is decorated with some help, and the Thanksgiving baking is in progress. During a friends’ angel session I continued to thank God for my miracle healing and affirm my wholeness, and lo and behold, the “broken” feeling started to go away as heat shot through my foot and out the toes. As I thanked my feet for carrying me and for their wholeness, the spiritual heat warmed them day by day and although I am still gimping around a little bit, I do believe I got my miracle. Things no longer feel broken! I’ve extended the gratitude towards my entire body. I thank it every day for being whole and healthy and even things that needed some help are getting fixed. Gratitude is an affirmation of truth!

On a practical level, gratitude changes your outlook, which in turn changes your life. My water heater’s first heating element broke down several weeks ago and I found out the hard water had gunked it so badly I’d have to either keep repairing it or get a water softener. I opted for the real solution and even though I had a big bill, the soft water is wonderful! Lately the second heating element broke down in the water heater, leaving me with 3″ of warm water in the mornings. I was still grateful for that because I have been to Peru where you are lucky to have water, let alone warm water. Ends up my good attitude helped when I called the repair place. They came out and replaced the second heating element for free, and cleaned out the system as well. Now I’m grateful for their good service!

I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful to simply be on earth. It is difficult and excruciatingly painful at times. But it is also beautiful. The human spirit inspires me. The majesty of nature is breathtaking. The miracle of God’s smallest creatures is mind blowing, let alone the miracle of our own bodies. We can interact with one another, explore who we are, and learn about the love that is all around us. Together we are growing in our awareness of the love that lives within, and that is beautiful.

The more grateful I am, the more I have to be grateful for.

And I am deeply grateful for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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