We see the love beneath…

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In the heavens we see the love is present in every human thought, word, deed, and interaction – whether this love is brought to the surface and expressed in glorious, kind, and peaceful ways or whether it is buried far beneath the surface and expressed in extremely unevolved, unconscious, and unkind manners. For in truth, love lies within all things, all thoughts, all words, all deeds, and all interactions. In every circumstance upon your earth you are attempting to bring love to the surface, sometimes gracefully and in a helpful manner, sometimes awkwardly and in a painful manner. Nonetheless the desire to find, feel, and express love can be found in every single circumstance upon your earth.

How can this be you ask? How can hurtful actions contain even a whisper of love? When you are angry, dear ones, are you not really wanting to be treated in kinder ways, or wanting someone else to learn a kinder way of being? Maybe you are throwing a tantrum because there is something or someone you love that is not presenting itself/himself/herself to you as you wish, and you don’t yet trust that God can bring you love in a kinder way. You are attempting to love yourself, albeit awkwardly. How can someone else’s unkind words be an act of love? Well dear ones, they are doing their best to make their feelings known although they do not yet know how to do so with kindness and clarity.

How can sadness be love you ask? If you did not love someone or something you would not be sad about it at all. How can murderers, perpetrators, and others who seem to prey upon the innocent being trying to love you ask? Well dear ones they are in pain and even their heinous actions are a cry for someone to see their pain, feel their pain, and acknowledge their pain.

We are never saying you should allow unkind behaviors into your life, however we are begging you upon the earth to look beneath the surface of human interactions and look for the love that lies beneath. In doing so, you will become as the angels. You will be the ones to have compassion for yourselves and for your fellow human beings, knowing that each one of you is striving to find, feel, and express the very same love… no matter where each of you exists in the vast spectrum of evolution.

Your human evolution, is after all, a journey back to the awareness that there is only One love, and that none of you are ever separate from it. You can feel separate. You can appear separate, but in truth you are not. The sun is always shining behind the clouds, and the One love of the creator exists equally within all of you – no matter what storms of anger or fogs of sadness, appear upon the surface. You will be able to say, “This belongs in my personal reality or it does not, and yet I can still love. I can still pray for the upliftment of those who do not know they contain love within them. I can at least acknowledge this love within me, even when I do not yet see or feel its presence being expressed.”

You all want to be loved dear ones. Our wish for you is that you would know how deeply you already are. Can you fathom being looked at with tenderness and appreciation, not only in your best moments but also in what you feel are your worst. Can you imagine angels standing silently by, sending you love, even while you throw tantrums, proclaim that life is unfair, feel alone, and engage so many other human behaviors that appear to be less than loving. Even in those times, especially in those times, we are sending you love and compassion. We understand that you are trying in every moment, if only in the way a innocent child does, to reach for love. Rather than withdrawing our love when you are in difficult spaces, we send you even more. Our love is an appreciation of the beautiful, radiant truth of your being, whether you can see it or not. Our desire is that you could see yourself the way God sees you, the way we see you, the way Love sees you.

Can you imagine what your world could be like if you could give that gift to others – no matter how they are behaving? Can you imagine, when someone is behaving unkindly, being able to say to their soul, “I don’t want to engage with you in this unkind dance of energies, and at the same time I know you simply don’t understand yourself yet. You are nothing less than light and love of God fashioned into human form and some day, some way, in this life or another, you will come to know the truth of that being. I see it. The rest, I understand, is your attempt to see it as well.”

You would transform your world dear ones even if you could do this, even every now and then.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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