If there is one thing I know in my life, it is that we are loved so deeply, and so dearly that there is nothing any of us could ever do to separate ourselves from this love. The love of God and the angels is so different from the love of human beings. When human beings say, “I love you,” often what they mean is, “I want you to love me,” or “I love the way you make me feel,” or “I love what you represent,” or “I love what I fantasize you will be in my life,” …and so on. How rare but precious it is, when someone sees your soul and because they know their own, they can recognize the light of God within you. That is real spiritual love, and it is the most incredible gift we can give one another. That is how the angels love.

We have all “loved” for so many reasons, but in reality, real love needs no reason. Real, spiritual love is a love that simply exists within, and wants to flow through us. This love does not need love in return. It does not need acknowledgment. It does not depend on how others make us feel. It is instead a well-spring of truth within us, a feeling of fullness that must run over into the world. This love is an awareness of the light within us, and therefore the light trying to surface in every other soul on the planet.

I was not able to feel and share this love with others until I found it in myself. I had to learn to sit with God and the angels on a regular basis in silence, or to hike in nature, or to do a thousand other things that make me feel connected with life itself, in order to feel this love. I must cultivate this love, treating myself as if I know the light that lives within me, so I can know, see, and love the light that exists within all others. I no longer love people because of what they give me. I enjoy that! I delight in it and I appreciate the gifts! But I can love whether or not someone loves me because I know who and what they are, no matter what they present to me on the surface.

What if, every time you looked in the mirror, into your own eyes, you saw the light of God? I have enjoyed miraculous healings and changes in my life resulting from the healing gazes with Braco because I see the light of God shining through his eyes and as a result I feel it so much more easily within myself. However the angels have tasked me to gaze into my own eyes every day until I see and feel that very same light emanating from my own soul. They want me to enjoy it coming from others, but also to find and see it in myself. So, every day I turn on beautiful music and gaze into my own eye with tenderness until I see the lights turn on, and feel the waves of energy emanating from my own spirit. Each time I do so, I feel as if I have opened the floodgates of my heart to allow God’s love to flow into the world, to me, through me, and outwards to those whose lives I attempt to touch. We must take the time to find that love for ourselves first, and then by its very nature this love will want to run through us into the world.

You are all so beautiful no matter what you are feeling now. If life is not acting yet as you wish, love yourself through it. Refrain from judging yourselves. Never, ever call yourself a failure. You are nothing less than the light and love of God striving to remember that very same truth… no matter what. I see that light within you. The angels see that light. Try to see it for yourselves, or at least acknowledge it when you can’t yet feel it. Any small step towards that truth is a giant leap in the mind of God. As the saying goes, the truth will set your soul free. The truth is we are all so very perfect and beautiful, even as we grow into a greater awareness of our deepest truths. Look into your own eyes, and see for yourself…

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