We know many of you just celebrated your Thanksgiving holiday, but in truth every day is a day for giving thanks. With every breath you breathe, you receive into your being the precious gift of life. Whether your life is difficult or easy, beautiful or challenging, it is still precious life. It is still a gift. It is still an experience that the soul longs for, because there upon your earth, you have an opportunity to master love. Upon your earth, you can bring love even into the most difficult of spaces.You have a chance to embody the love that you are, and in so doing, illuminate the fabric of humanity.

So we in the heavens live in a state of gratitude for your courage, your fortitude, you heart, you love, your compassion, and yes even those things you call “lesser” or “negative” emotions because we know, that beneath each one is an attempt to love.

Mastering love is not about what you “do” for others. It is not about what you “do” for youself… although those things can certainly be expressions of love. Mastering love is really an adventure in allowing yourself to “be” who you are in every given moment, allowing others to “be” who they are in any given moment, and finding your way through life given those realities. It is about being deeply and compassionately honest with yourself and life, knowing you all exist in a state of perfection, even as you are becoming more. The bud is perfect as is the rose. The egg is perfect as is the chick. The seed is perfect as is the fully blossomed plant. There is perfection in all things.

So let yourself be who you are, feel what you feel, do what you wish to do, and then grant others the very same courtesy. In this reality, you create a beautifully choreographed dance of love. We give thanks for all of you.

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