Time to shine… on everyone.

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of justice. There is and always will be justice built into the design of God’s creation. And while you may not always see the balancing of the scales so to speak, we assure you it is there, for what you do to one another, truly you do unto yourselves. So when you feel wronged by someone, by all means it is fine, if you wish to seek restitution at the human level, but we ask you to ask yourselves, “Am I doing this simply because it is my truth and what I must do to remain in integrity with myself, or am I trying to prove a point?” If you are simply trying to prove a point, we urge you to walk away. If however, it is in integrity with my own spirit to seek restitution, then by all means do do, however, do so with love.

“How is that possible,” we hear so many of you saying, “to love someone who has wronged me?” We are not saying you must like their actions. We are not saying you must permit behaviors that are unacceptable. We are simply saying that when someone has wronged you, they are by the very nature of their actions, a wounded soul in need of love and prayers. So if you take someone to court, pray for them. If someone has wronged you pray that God uplift their soul, and also dear ones, includes yourselves, and pray that you may be detached from their behavior and allowed to move forward in your life knowing God, who designed and orchestrates the universe, can help heal any inequity and can uplift and inspire your soul once again as well.

It is a time on earth when many who are not aware that life is a spiritual journey are acting up and acting out, so to speak. It is a time for those of you who are more aware to set firm and clear boundaries, but also to do so with love. Pray for those whose behaviors are unenlightened for it is they who need light the most. In doing so, you will be standing in a higher truth. You will be living in the world but not of it. Miraculously, if you cultivate these habits you will not let the darkness of the world or those around you penetrate your hearts, because you will be living in a loving reality, regardless of what those around you choose. Pray for assistance… we love these prayers and are honored to help you discover the greater depths of love that are available within every human heart.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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